Friday, July 31, 2015

Fabulous Five on Friday

1. I saw online somewhere that if you stick a romaine lettuce core in water it will grow lettuce again. I tried it and it worked. The top picture is the when I first started it and the second picture is a few days later. I was so excited when it actually worked that I started another one, but I think that I broke too much of lettuce leaves off and i don't know if it will grow though. 

2. I took Brylee for a walk one day this week and I let her pick which way we would go at every intersection. She brought us by a pond, some businesses and to see lots of "ducks" aka birds. She had a blast and we eventually made it home. 

3. Hot Tot is on Zulily for up to 40% off. They are selling out fast so if you want to try it now would be the time! I just snagged the sweet pea serum to use as a lotion. 

4. I made zucchini pizza boats the other day for lunch. They were good but I would suggest removing  the seeds because otherwise it gets kind of watery. To make them: Preheat the oven to 400F. Line a rimmed baking sheet with parchment paper (I used waxed paper). Cut zucchini in half length wise and pat dry to remove excess water. I would remove the seeds at this point. Spread olive oil on top of zucchini and season with garlic powder and salt. Put pizza sauce on top. Then add cheese and pizza toppings. Bake for about 15 minutes or until cheese is melted and zucchini is soft.

5. I needed to get a few more pictures of Brylee for her two year photos and of course as soon as we start my camera's battery died, so I took a few on my phone. There is totally something about a barefoot toddler in jeans!

This picture right here is typical Brylee.
She makes this face ALL THE TIME whens she throws out a fake laugh! 

Happy Weekend Friends!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Brylee's Second Birthday Party Planning and Wishlist

Brylee turns TWO in less than a month. I started planning her second birthday a few months ago and then life happened and I realized that I only have a few weeks left to get everything finalized and ready to go. The theme for her birthday is safari/jungle (see my Pinterest board here) We are still undecided about where to have it. We are thinking a local park but don't know what to do for a backup plan if we have bad weather. I guess we will have to see (and pray for decent weather!)...  I have almost all the decorations ready to go. I plan on printing some pictures from our Texas trip (posts coming soon I promise!) when we visited the Animal Ranch and San Antonio Zoo. Northstar Balloons sent us some great animal balloons and I picked up some plates/napkins/table cloths at the dollars store in animal print! I have a few games planned but still need a few more. If you have any zoo/animal/safari themed game ideas, send them my way.  

Here's a sneak peak of some of Brylee's two year pictures!

Moccs (c/o Freshly Picked)


Also I wanted to let you know that there will be a big giveaway the week of Brylee's birthday (with lots of amazing products for everyone!) I will be doing reviews randomly of the products until we get to her birthday week (so bear with a random burst of reviews over the next few weeks.) They will be worth it though, trust me. A few months ago I put out a survey with how to do the prizes and everyone who voted said multiple winners of different prizes instead of one winner winning them all, so that is what we are doing:). Hint here are a few companies participating: Freshly Picked, Replay Recycled, Babiators, Candelles and many, many more!--PS if you are a company and want to get in on it email me at: 

Here's what I have so far on Brylee's Birthday wishlist:

water table/back pack/goggles
Watertable: Brylee is totally a water baby, this would save from having to set up her pool all the time

Backpack: I ordered this and it is the cutest little size. It says for up to age 6 and I would say that is correct. This will come in handy for days we go to the park or to the splash pad.

Goggles: Brylee loves to swim and she is just starting to put her head underwater so these will definilty come in handy for our trips to the lake and pool. Plus they come in a fun "submarine"case.
balance bike/beach toys/mat/trike
Balance Bike: Our neighbor's little boy who is a few months older than Brylee has one of these and loves it. Maybe we can skip training wheels altogether with one of these.

Beach toys: We have extra sand from our shed project and we are planning on building Brylee a sandbox with it, so these toys should come in handy.

EZPZ mat: Hopefully this will prevent Brylee from throwing her plate on the floor when she's done. It suctions to the table!

Trike: If we don't do the balance bike we may do a trike (or possible a toddler bike). Any suggestions from parents with experience which road we should go?

Anything else that are popular among two year olds? We are also thinking of a Curious George stuffed animal but the ones that I have found online are kinda creepy looking. I may run into Barnes and Noble and see if they have one there (that's where we got her beloved Clifford!) to see how "normal" it looks in real life.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekend Painting

We had another full weekend this weekend. We (almost) finished working on our shed. Dustin starting installing the shingles Saturday afternoon after we ran a few last minute errands. He got about half way done and we had to call it a night because it started getting dark out. After we put all of the tools away, we had a fire outside with Dustin's parents and a few neighbors. It was great to relax after a hot day of working. After a few s'mores and some good laughs we called it a night and ended up heading inside and watching an few episodes of Grey's Anatomy on Netflix. 

Sunday morning after breakfast, we headed back outside to finish the shingles. Dustin stayed busy with that, while Brylee and I spent some time together. Brylee had to show me her newest tricks (I almost had a few heart attacks!) #nofear #shegetsthatfromherdaddy

Finally after a few hours of finishing the shingles we were ready to paint! Brylee was in her glory. We  made sure that she painted the side away from our neighbors fence,  otherwise their nice white fence would have turned gray!! We were able to get one coat of gray applied before it got dark out. We have to apply another coat and them paint the doors but other than that the shed is ready to home all of our miscellaneous garage items.

Brylee had a blast painting and even decided to finger paint! I'm glad that the paint washed off during her bath, but she did end up getting a mosquito bite right under her left eye just in time for 2 year pictures tonight! Go figure!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Fabulous Five on Friday

1. I am working on getting everything for Brylee's second birthday together and Brylee helped me make sure we had enough Neat Cheeks to get us through the party and all the messes we will be making (use code LOVENEATCHEEKS for 50% off and free shipping on a 6 pack!)

2. Almost all of our neighbors have "puppies" so when we are outside and Brylee spots them, we have to go over and say "hi". 

3. Brylee takes after us in so many ways (especially her stubbornness!). One of her favorite things to do is help Dustin whenever he is doing things with his vehicle. She loved washing the car and I regretted putting her in white shorts!


4. We have to add shingles to our shed this weekend and then paint it. I think we will let Brylee help paint which should be interesting but I think she will love it. 

5. We will be making strawberry shortcake sometime this weekend. Yum!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Our Weekend on a Wednesday

We spent our weekend (and Monday and Tuesday) putting together our shed that we bought a few weeks ago. We started out our weekend by buying all the miscellaneous parts (that the outside of box said that we needed like shingles, plywood, nails, etc.) Once we finally opened the box and started going through everything there were parts that we realized that we still needed. Thank goodness for great neighbors and parents who let us borrow (air) tools that we didn't have to complete this project because we would still be hammering all those stinking nails in by hand next year.  

Once we thought we were finally good to go, we made sure we had toys and the pool set up for Brylee, all the tools ready and lots of lemonade to drink. 

Next years project is building a deck.
The first thing we had to do was build our sheds foundation. Once that was built we had to level it on our backyard. That was the hardest part of the whole process because our back yard slants so bad in the back for water run off. We dug out underneath the concert blocks in the front and leveled them with some sand. This process took us almost the whole weekend because we had to go get sand and then we needed more concrete blocks, but finally we finished and it was level. 

Since we had extra sand from the leveling process, Brylee is getting her very own sand box in the back yard! She played in the sand pile for a good hour one day.

Eventually it was time to attach the plywood flooring and then assemble the walls. Brylee loved helping out. Dustin has some nice art work on the floors and walls of he shed.  

While we were construction the walls together Brylee decided it was snack time and munched on some apple wafers Sweetie Pie Organics sent us. She LOVED them! 
Sunglasses c/o Babiators (don't forget the 35% off code (tisourlife35off)
snack stack
I think she was trying to feed the birds in these pictures. I'm not 100% sure though.

By the end of Monday night we had the sides up and called it a night.

Tuesday we finished adding the roof and door. Dustin made sure that I took a picture of him putting the roof on.

We finally finished last night and now all we have left is shingles and paint. We will be doing those this weekend. 

Happy Wednesday Friends. Hope your week is flying by. I know ours is!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Babiators Sunglasses Review + a discount code!!

Before we left on our trip to Texas in May, Babiators sent Brylee some sunglasses to try out. Brylee loves them. Actually love would be an understatement. At first I wasn't sure how she would do with sunglasses because she hates anything on her head. I think the last time I got away with putting a headband on her head she was like 7 months old (totally thought she would out grow that one!), but she LOVES her sunglasses. I actually bought her three more pairs so we always have a pair with us. We keep a pair in the car, one in the truck, one in her diaper bag and one in the house so she can wear them while she plays. We have white ones, pink ones, purple ones, and the patriotic ones! We also have two of the cloud cases to help protect the glasses when they are not in use. The cases have a clip on the end so I can attach it to my purse/diaper bag for easy access. FYI, the polarized lens glasses come with a free cloud case!

See my summer diaper bag essentials post here.
Whenever we get into the car, the first thing Brylee does is ask for her sunglasses. Then she will tell Dustin and me to put ours on. We are glad that we had these great sunglasses for our trip to Texas in May since we spent about 85 percent of our time outside in the sun (we had to soak it up because we didn't know what kind of snow weather was waiting for us back in ND). 

Every time Brylee wears her sunglasses, we get numerous compliments on them. People can't believe that she has such nice glasses for a toddler. I can't believe that they are toddler proof. Brylee loves to twist and turn them sometimes and I always cringe thinking that she is going to break them, but they are specially made out of a durable and flexible rubber (that's solid) so I don't have to worry. 

Telling daddy to put his glasses down. 
We went to check out Bass Pro Shop, first timers, and Brylee had to strike a little model pose in the parking lot. I think we are in trouble when she gets older! When we are outside we tell her "glasses down" and she will put her glasses over her eyes. When we go into a store we tell her "glasses up" and she puts them on top of her head. Even with all of the pulling and twisting she does to her glasses they never stretch out. She is able to hold them on top of her head with out them sliding all around, which makes it 100x easier so she can put them on/take off whenever she wants, instead of me putting them away and taking them back out 110 times in 5 minutes. 

While we were down on the Riverwalk in San Antonio, we ran into Christopher McDonald (I'll save you the look up-Shooter McGavin on Happy Gilmore), and the first thing he said was how cool was it that all of our glasses (lenses) matched! I mean we thought it was pretty cool too but *celebrity*! (Side note--we totally wondered if we would see anyone famous when we were on our trip and we did!)

Then we had to go enjoy some lunch along the river and it was great to eat outside and Brylee loved feeding the ducks off her plate!

Obviously no trip to Texas would be complete without a beach trip. Her sunglasses were the perfect accessory (wish we would have had some submariners-next time though!)

A few weeks ago Babiators had a promotion for a free pair of purple sunglasses (we obviously had to snag them because we couldn't pass up a great deal like that!) and when the package arrived I attempted to take some pictures of Brylee. She was only digging the close up one on "selfie" mode.

I totally get that her sunglasses are upside down in this picture but it just makes me smile. Brylee is such a goofball! Once again, as soon as she sees my phone on "selfie" mode she whips out her tongue and hams it up for the camera.

So what is so great about Babiators?

1. They have sunglasses for kids of all ages. Sizes are (0-3) and (3-7). Have an older kiddo? Head on over to Ace Shades for sizes (7-14)
2. They come with a one year warranty against loss and breakage. So you know if Brylee were ever to "break" them while she's twisting them-not that it will happen, or if the waves would have knocked them off of her face while she was playing in the water (almost happened my friends),  Babiators will send us a free replacement (within the first year), just pay shipping.
3. There is a style for everyone or I guess every kid. They even offer polarized lenses (we have two pair) and rx glasses!
4. They have goggles called submariners (which I'm totally ordering when I'm done typing this post).
5. They have backpacks aka rocket packs!
6. Free shipping on orders over $45.

If you are interested in some Babiators, Ace Shades, Submariners or even a rocket pack (OK anything or everything on the site) use code TisOurLife35Off for 35% off good until July 25th, 2015. 

*This is a sponsored post. We were sent a pair of Babiators to review. All opinions are 100% my own.