Friday, April 17, 2015

Fabulous Five on Friday

1. If you love candles you have to check out Candelles. This is my first candle from them but it won't be my last. It smells so amazing. I seriously wish there was a scratch and sniff button on the computer!
Grenache Noir Tuxedo Candle
2. We are busy planning our summer vacations. I am pretty sure that we will probably be gone more than we are home. (PS planners only work if you actually look at what you have coming up...I totally missed a doctors appt on Monday morning--oops..)
3. Brylee found this cereal at Wal-Mart the other day when we were shopping. She just couldn't #letitgo so we bought it for her. She only likes the marshmallows out of it #gofigure

4. Our yard is slowly turning green.

5. FunBites sent us a fun new food cutter to test out! I will be posting a full review and GIVEAWAY in a few weeks!!--I'll give you a hint--It's awesome!!
Heart Cutter
6. I just had to share this cute video of Brylee kissing her dolls good night!

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Fun Kitchen Table Makeover

One weekend last summer we went on a painting spree and decided to painted everything in our house that didn't match our color scheme (gray/white/dark brown/black). We painted our kitchen table, Brylee's dresser and wooden cart from my dad, as well as a headboard and bench. We did this the same weekend we painted the front door

The first thing we did was sand everything down by hand with a very fine grit sandpaper just to scuff it up enough for the paint to stick.

After we sanded everything down, we were ready to start painting them white (we bought paint and primer in one).  We were originally going to paint them with a paint gun hooked to the air compressor but the air compressor stopped working right before we started-our luck, so we attempted to paint them by hand with a brush. We quickly vetoed that because we were getting bad brush streaks and it just looked horrible, so we made a quick trip to Menard's and bought this paint gun. Best 60 bucks we EVER spent. I honestly recommend this paint gun. It is AMAZING.

After we painted two coats of white, we painted the seats of the chairs gray.

We also painted the top of the table gray, so we just used heavy duty saran wrap around the legs (like the stuff they use at Sam's to wrap their pallets together) and taped off the rest. 

After two coats of gray we set them outside to dry.

The next day we sprayed a clear coat finish on them. I am glad that we did this step because any spills/messy hand prints wipe off easily. This is the biggest thing I was fearing using paint. 

Here is the finished product: (I had some better pictures at some point in time but I think they are lost in cyber space somewhere!)

Brylee totally had to get in on taking some pictures too! Apparently I have been taking too many!

Here's a few more before and afters of some of the other projects that we did.

I don't know what happened to the before pictures on Brylee's dresser but it was an ugly brown with hideous knobs that we just painted over and added new white knobs.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

On a Tuesday

Tuesday evening after supper we ran to a local pond because Dustin was itching to go fishing. We drove by a few days ago and noticed that they were a bunch of geese and ducks around the outer edges so we brought some bread with to feed them. That didn't work- I scared them away when I tried to lure them over closer to where we were fishing. 

Moccs c/o Freshly Picked

Brylee noticed the geese and had to point them out. 
Since the fish weren't biting and the geese weren't interested in our bread, Brylee and I headed over to the park. Brylee LOVED it. She took over those steps and slide and showed all the other kids how to do it. She probably went down the slide about 100 times-I wish I was kidding. 

Happy Camper T-Shirt

After the slide, Brylee rode in the swings. Her favorite thing is "underdogs". She would tell me to do one, and then giggle when I was done. Oh to be a kid again!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Life Lately

Life here has been pretty uneventful lately. This weekend was a pretty low key weekend. The weather was gorgeous on Saturday so Brylee and I were able to hang outside all afternoon with Dustin while he worked on the vehicles. Brylee enjoyed playing in the dirt yard because the seed hasn't germinated yet. Oh and those tracks are totally from her 4 wheeler when she decides she needs to go "off-roading". She takes after her daddy in so many ways!

It was super windy outside so I took out her big container of bubbles. If you just pulled the stick out of the bubble solution the wind would basically blow the bubbles for you, that didn't stop Brylee though from blowing them herself. We have decided to keep a smaller bubble solution in each vehicle  for those days when she's just not having shopping and we need a quick break. 

We live by a river that basically floods almost every year, so Saturday night we went to check out how low it is since we had almost no snow this winter (not that any one of us are complaining). It was super low-like I don't know if I have ever seen it that low before. Good for the flooding situation, probably not so good for the fishing thing. 

One of my favorite pictures of the two of them.

Brylee has also been living it up lately. She always has the best seat in the house. When she's not using it she makes sure to put one of her dolls there to hold her spot. 

She also loves putting whatever she is playing with in straight lines. I bet that I have about 20 pictures of the different things she puts in straight lines. Hopefully she will be a perfectionist that will keep her room clean-a mom can dream right?!

All weekend I was finding reminders of places Brylee had been. I found her hair brush in the laundry, about 20 toys in my bed-she hangs out there while we get ready for the day, empty sippy cups in the cupboards, easter eggs in her toys. Every time I see something like this, I just smile and think that one day I  will miss these little surprises. 

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Second Birthday Giveaway-Survey

I know its only April but I have already started planning Brylee's second Birthday (we actually picked a theme after her first birthday's fishing theme and have been planning it since!--I will share updates closer to the big day). Brylee's birthday is in August and since time is just flying by and we have a busy summer planned, I figured I would start getting things ready. Thank you Pinterest! I am working on a fun giveaway but I need your help on deciding how to do it. Would you rather there be one big prize package with multiple things for one lucky winner or separate the prizes into multiple giveaways so more people will be able to win? Fill out the survey below to let me know! Thanks for your help!Also if you know any great shops that would love to get in on it mention them in the comments!

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Fabulous Five on Friday

1. Brylee's hair is growing slowly but surely. Does anybody else's kids insist on wearing only their diaper?

2. We are slowly but surely marathon watching Friends on Netflix. We just watched the episode "The one with the Nap Partners" and I will never be able to warm up Brylee's milk the same way after Joey told Ross he had some "warm milk and Excedrin PM"!

3. I started watching watched the entire season of Unbreakable: Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix. It's like 5 hours total and it is so dumb, it is actually kind of good.   The theme song will be stuck in your head for dayyyyys.

4. Bath time is always interesting with Brylee. Who would have thought that these ducks that I found on clearance at Target when she was itty bitty would be her favorite animal ever.

Spout Cover/Body Wash/Bath Toy Holder

5. I have been doing a lot of online shopping lately and I always hate when I forget to go through Ebates to make sure I get cash back.  I have probably made close to $70 over the past few years. Now if only the fancy "instagram" shops would work with it...