Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Summer Life

Life has been crazy busy around here lately. We have been trying to soak up as much "outside" time as we can but getting to a lake (or even the splash pad) whenever possible. We have been slacking on "catching" fish lately, although we have spent a lot of time fishing. Dustin had big hopes of having a walleye supply in the freezer but he may have to stick to Van de Kamps. ;p

Since we now live in Minnesota (the land of 10,000 lakes) we can basically drive anywhere in a 30 mile radius and find about 50 different lakes to fish/swim/enjoy the beach on. Last Wednesday, we ended up going to a small lake nearby, so Dustin could ride his new toy and Brylee could play in the sand. 

Don't mind the sunscreen covered sandy kiddo. Brylee couldn't wait for the sunscreen to soak in before she started playing in the sand.

This picture just cracks me up. I told Brylee to turn around so I could snap a decent picture of her. This is what she gave me. #typical

She must have found more toys.


We kept asking Brylee if she wanted to go for a ride on the jetski. She kept saying no, but eventually she gave in and we couldn't get her off. Dustin would ask her if she was ready to go back and swim or play in the sand but she kept saying "one more ride". 

 Eventually she decided she wanted to go swimming, so Dustin dropped her off with me and we went swimming. I left her life jacket on her, so she could practice swimming with it on. I noticed she didn't quite know how to keep her head balanced above the water (without my help) when she had it on  and realized we had to fix that (incase something happened while we were on a boat so she would know what to do.) So I let her swim and swim and eventually she figured it out and could "look at me swim really fast, mommy" all by herself. 

We had to water the flowers at my grandmas house last weekend for her (aren't they gorgeous?!) and Brylee had to help me water them. She will tell anyone who will listen how she watered the pretty flowers. 

For the 4th, we had a pretty low key day. I made a "flag pie" with blueberries and strawberries, which was probably the easiest pie I've made in my life.  After supper, we found a spot to watch the fireworks. We arrived about an hour early and Brylee started getting antsy. I wish we had brought sparklers or even glow sticks with to help pass the time but eventually the fireworks started and all was well. She actually did better than we expected. I think we were far enough away that the booms weren't very loud and that she actually understood what was going on. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tuesday Ramblings

A few weeks ago, I convinced Dustin that we HAD to go to Ikea. I didn't really need anything but I just love that store. Since Ikea isn't the most toddler friendly store, we quickly realized two key elements to making the trip a little more bearable:
 1. Take two separate carts-one for what we are actually buying and one for Brylee and some stuffed animal "friends" to hang out in. 
2. Go straight to the kids section first and let Brylee pick out an animal or two and a few toys to keep her busy while we browse the aisles. 
If you really wanted to you could use the drop in play place but we decided not to this trip. 

Anyway, after we did the loop around the upper level, we ended back at the kids section. Brylee decided she wanted to stop and play for a while, so Dustin stayed with Brylee so I could browse casually by myself. Eventually they caught back up to me and Dustin said Brylee played with the toy kitchen for good 10-15 minutes before he could convince her it was time to go find me. We decided right then and there that that was what we were going to get her for her birthday. So I scoured the web trying to find the best one. These are the four we narrowed it down to, they all have their pros and cons so if you have one you would recommend let us know!

Top Left/Top Right
I like both of these and they are solid wood but I heard they are a beast to put together.
Bottom Left
This one is super tiny but there are so many great hacks you can do to it.
Bottom Right
This one is plastic and has a lot of fun options but it would take up a lot of real estate. 
A few days ago, I let Brylee take a bath with her googles. She thought it was the coolest thing ever. Now she has to use them during every bath so she can swim and blow bubbles. 

If you have Facebook, I am sure that you have seen this recipe floating around. I wanted to try it but Dustin is weird with "new" foods and I wasn't sure if he would like these or not. Two weekends ago we went to my cousins graduation and they served these there. Dustin couldn't get enough, so I decided to make some last week. Brylee loved them too which is always a bonus!

The town we live in has like five splash pads and we have hit up a few already this summer. Brylee doesn't like water "splashing" her but she eventually warmed up and decided to just let loose and have fun. I also realized from the 123123 pictures that her eyes are shut whenever she gets close to the water. I think we will start to bring her goggles with.

After the splashpad, I told Brylee we would go and get some ice cream. I let her pick what flavor ice cream cone she wanted and she chose chocolate-messy melty chocolate that stains... Next time we are getting ice cream first so the sticky mess washes off at the splash pad (and she can wear off the sugar!) The little place we stopped at puts candy sugar eyes on the ice cream and Brylee has to tell  everyone her ice cream had eyes. 

Also she insisted on eating the MELTED ice cream out of the cup with a straw, but not by sucking it out, by actually using it as a spoon. Ugh. Notice her swimsuit cover up--and it only got worse because she is stubborn!

We went to a home show back in March and one of the vendors was giving away tomato plants that can grow indoors. It started as a little 2 inch plant and it is almost 3 feet now. I haven't gotten any tomatoes off of it yet but Brylee loves to help me water it. I transplanted it once into a cute planter I found at the Target dollar spot but I may need to replant it into a bigger one. 

I am dying over these new black plates. You can save 15% with this link

Thats all that I have for today besides wishing my mom a Happy Birthday!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Fabulous Five on Friday

It's been one of those days today. It rained all day long, Brylee wouldn't take a nap, then she was super cranky but WOULD NOT go to bed, my patience was tested, and now that she's sleeping, I miss her (#momlife).

So here's my Fabulous Five really quick before I have to finish packing for the lake this weekend:

1. Last weekend we went to the lake because Dustin was itching to go fishing on a boat. His goal was to catch some bass and maybe even a walleye or northern. All his dreams came true when he caught all three (sorry no pictures of the northerns). 


2. Brylee has officially been promoted to boat captain-except we only seem to go in circles when she's driving...

 3. While Brylee and I were shopping for groceries for the lake last weekend, Brylee picked out these fun "Ghostbuster" marshmallows for s'mores at Wal-Mart. We didn't have time to use them last weekend, but hopefully this weekend we will. Also what rock have I been living under since I didn't know there was a new "Ghostbusters" movie coming out with both Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig? #ourfavorites

 4. We had to run to the tool store to buy some tire covers for our trailer and Brylee spotted some tools that were red and had to take a picture with it because red is her favorite color. I have no idea why she chose red but it's been that way for a few months now. Also I would like to note-she left a headband on. Thats like the first time since, ever that, that happened. 

5. Thats all I have. 
Have a safe and Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Downtown San Antonio (Riverwalk and Tower of America's)

All last week, my Facebook memories popped up with flashbacks from our trip to San Antonio in May-not to be confused with the time we were there in December-because I have no pictures from that trip because someone stole our camera-ugh!!

I'm not going to lie, I totally wish we were there now though. I miss it, but that's what vacations are for right?!

If you ever go to San Antonio, you have to must go to the Riverwalk. It's absolutely gorgeous. When you are down by the river you forget you are in a bustling city with over 1.4 million people. It's just so peaceful and relaxing down there. 

Since we were tourists (#obvi) we had to do the most touristy thing and go for a ride on the riverboats. If you have time to go on one, do it, because they fill you in on a lot of San Antonio's history. Did you know that San Antonio doesn't have sky scrapers downtown like other major US cities? The reason behind it is because there is a city ordinance that the Alamo can't have shadows casted on it.  

Anyway, Brylee was super excited to go on a boat ride and that she could we actually let her sit by herself. I think at this point nap time was quickly approaching and we were just doing whatever we could to keep her content for time we were confined to the tiny boat. 

To begin our tour we saw the Arneson Amphitheater and behind that is La Villita Historic Arts Village. 

On the other side of the stands is the stage. We were also informed on the tour that a scene from both Ms. Congeniality and Selena took place along the Riverwalk. 

The following building had gargoyles on it. 

There are palm trees in San Antonio. Palm trees you guys. They are totally Dustin and my favorite tree-but spoiler alert they don't grow where it's cold! 

This next building (Nix Professional Building) is a fun one . When you look at it from one side it looks like a normal building. 

But when you see it from the other side it looks like its just a flat wall with windows in it. Crazy huh?!

Isn't it gorgeous?! It's even better around Christmas when they string the lights from all of the trees.

After the riverboat tour, we went to the Tower of Americas (we bought tickets on Groupon-I recommend checking there before you go on vacation anywhere!) Let me start out by saying that I am TERRIFIED of heights. Like I won't even stand on a chair to get something out of the cupboard-afraid of heights. Dustin and Brylee have no issues with them. 

The views were spectacular though and completely worth it. 

Since we were so high up, it was 10 times windier than it was on the ground. My fear level was slowly rising seeing Brylee up that high and her hair just blowing around. 

I was freaking out on the inside while Brylee was doing this. She obviously wasn't going to go anywhere but oh man. 

Finally, I was able to convince her that she could run and lead us around the circle path and she couldn't get her legs moving fast enough. 

Did I mention I'm afraid of heights?!

Happy Thursday Friends!!