Friday, October 2, 2015

Fabulous Five on Friday

1. The Target dollar spot gets me. every. single. time. Dustin is lucky that we are moving across the country and we are getting rid of a lot of stuff other wise I would be buying everything. And I'm not even kidding! 

2. Speaking of Target, while we were leaving the other day Brylee and I shared a chocolate chip frappe (sans coffee/caffeine) and Brylee totally wouldn't share. I don't blame her. It was good! 
Don't let her face fool you. She was plotting how to get out of the cart to sit on the big red balls!

3. Brylee had been skipping a nap lately, but no naps mean earlier bed so I'm starting to be OK with it, although lately she's been so overtired (or going through a growth spurt) so she is waking up during the middle of the night asking for milk and not wanting to go back to sleep. So she's been hogging the entire bed and leaving me with a sliver sleeping with me halfway through the night. Anyway Wednesday she was playing in her room after supper and all of a sudden it got really quiet and this is what we found when we went to check on her:)
I love how she is holding her baby and Clifford on her couch of all things. 
4. Any one remember when I did this post? I'm still loving it! Brylee is going through a lock every door and shut it phase. Not an entirely big deal because we have keys to unlock them but the other day she locked her door and shut it but since we had this on her door I didn't have to panic on getting her door unlocked. It just slid open. 

5. I do not like pumpkin. At all. But Dustin  loves it. I found a fun pumpkin pancake recipe that I want to try because Brylee loves pancakes for breakfast. I also found  these while grocery shopping one day. I picked them up for Dustin and Brylee so hopefully they are somewhat decent. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fall is Here

Before I even start this post how is it October already?!?! Would somebody care to tell me where September went? You don't know either, OK now I feel better!!

Fall is by far my favorite season of all. Don't get me wrong. I love summer because of the warm weather and spring because winter is finally over but fall is just where it is at. I love the smells of fall, the temperature, the seasonal foods --apple not pumpkin :)--and most importantly the holidays!

Flashback to Brylee's first Halloween and the obligatory baby in a pumpkin picture!
In case you missed it, we are moving to Texas but one thing we are looking forward to most is getting away from cold winters and the S-word (aka SNOW!) I have no idea as to what to expect for Fall weather (all we ever hear is to be ready for the summer HEAT-which I will gladly take over below zero temps any day during the winter!!). I think every day we compare the weather from where we live now to how it is where we are moving and we are loving what our new forecast will be:) A few 
years ago I went to San Antonio in December (it's absolutely beautiful on the River Walk at that time with all the Christmas lights--make sure to put that on your bucket list!) with my mom and grandma. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. I was walking around in capri's and flip flops but the locals were wearing UGG boots and Parkas. I just had to chuckle because I kept thinking that they have no idea what cold is--give me a few years and that will be me;)

The temperatures have really started to drop here now. Some days its still making it to 70 during the day but at night it gets chilly. Its totally the perfect weather for lighting all the candles in the house and flipping on the fireplace (or in our case the "fireplace" movie on Netflix). I love getting the house decorated for all the holidays (which won't be happening this year because I'm not unpacking everything to repack it right back up)--but that doesn't mean I can't scour the dollar spot at Target and maybe buy one or two things :P 

When we move, we plan on getting a King size bed after we buy a house (which will hopefully be a long term house but with us who knows) so that means new bedding as well. Since seasons are significantly warmer in Texas than they are in North Dakota the bedding will have to accommodate. The best comforter that we have ever bought was a white down comforter years and years ago-perfect for cold winter nights.  Eventually it got a few holes in it from washing and the feathers poking through so we ended up tossing it because tiny white feathers all over the house is not fun to clean up. Right now our house has a lot of grey tones in it (Dustin always jokes that I am going to lose my great back drop for photos when we move) and we have a grey comforter, but I really want to go back to a white one because of how simple and clean it looks. Plus it will match any color scheme. We need new sheets as well. A while back I found some grey sheets at Target that I loved but when I opened the package the sheets weren't neatly packaged and actually smelled like laundry detergent. Yeah someone used them, washed them and returned them. So right back to Target they went...and I haven't bought sheets since. So we now have a choice of blue or brown sheets with our grey comforter. They work but I feel it's time to be "grown ups" and have a nice bedding set with matching sheets and comforter.

So here's my struggle. I love love LOVE grey, especially dark charcoal grey and the following picture isn't helping either.

I also love white. Its clean and refreshing. 

The one thing I do know though is no matter what color I chose, these bedding sets will work perfect for the Texas heat because they are made with Percale which is a breathable fabric and there is also matching sheets, so my comforter and sheets will all match! Plus with a duvet I would only have to wash the cover and that would help prolong the love of the insert. 

What kind of sheets and bedding do you like? I will take all the suggestions I can get!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

How do you Oogaa?

If you have been following along our toddler food series "What Brylee Eats", I'm sure you have seen these awesome products that oogaa sent us to try out and review. Let me tell you these colorful silicone products are amazing for kids and parents alike!!

So what exactly did we all get?

How's that for a fun place setting?
1. Silicon (Place)Mat- If you saw my post about frozen bananas, then I'm sure you noticed how amazing this freezer safe (dishwasher and microwave safe too!) silicone mat really is. We also use it as a place mat and guess what? Your kiddo can totally use it as a coloring mat while you are busy making meals. The fun "creatures/animals" on it are fun for Brylee to point at and "feed". I plan on making some yogurt/pudding drops on this as well for easy removal once frozen. 

2. Divided Plate- Like the mat this is freezer/microwave/dishwasher safe, but get this the divided plate and bowl are also OVEN SAFE!!! Before we received our Oogaa products we have tried other silicone products and let me tell you those were the flimsiest things ever! How are you supposed to put something "liquidy" like cake/cupcakes/eggs in the oven with out the sides giving out and making a mess of your oven? So I was very skeptical about this product because if it was anything like the other silicone things we had it wouldn't work well either. These products are totally different. Silicone game changer you might say. They are sturdy like I can put liquid eggs in this plate, carry it with one hand over to the oven, and not have to worry about it bending in a weird spot and spilling egg everywhere! 

I baked Brylee an omelet one morning for breakfast. I scrambled one egg and placed in a greased "well" and topped with cheese. I baked it for 15 minutes in a 350F oven. I let it cool a little bit before eating--best part about this omelet? No pans with egg stuck on them that I have to wash!
These plates leave fun impressions in food! Can you see the frog?
3. Oogaa bowl- We need to get another one of these. I use it all the time for boiling carrots in the microwave to make them soft for Brylee. If I had two I could stack them on top of each other and use it as a "steamer" instead. I make eggs in the microwave and defrost frozen fruits in it as well.

4. Spoons-There are so many different design options from oogaa for spoons. They have planes, trains, and automobiles (ha ha) but for real they have about 5 different shapes as well as just a regular silicon spoon. The first time Brylee used hers we were eating outside having a picnic and she couldn't get over that she was using such a fun spoon. I think she cleaned her plate with out any "finish eating" reminders. Also since these have such a wide handle and they are so long you could easily freeze yogurt onto them and use them as a Popsicle holder. 

Here's a look back at some of the meals Brylee has eaten out of her oogaa collection.

Just a few more facts about oogaa:

--They are made with food grade, high grade silicone

-all the products are dishwasher and freezer safe but most are oven/microwave safe as well!

-they are invented by a mom who has kids

-oogaa offers free shipping on orders over $50 or $5 flat rate shipping on orders below $50

-You can purchase online at Buy Buy BabyAmazon and Bed Bath and Beyond --and you can totally use your 20% off coupons on them. They also have many distributor's in other countries. For a complete list of online and in store retailers click here. 

*This is a sponsored post. I was sent oogaa products to review. All opinions are 100% my own. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Fall Festival + Fall Fun Bucket List

This weekend there was a Fall Festival at a local park that we attended. It wasn't anything to fancy but Brylee had the time of her life. We weren't sure how she would do on some of the attractions like the bounce house and giant inflatable slide (because sometimes her listening ears don't work very well) but she did great. Well except for waiting her turn in line...she thought the rides were only for her;)

One of the first things we did after buying our wristband for unlimited rides was try out the big slide. It took Brylee a little while to climb to the top but eventually she got there and she loved sliding down. 

After Brylee did the slide and went in the bounce house we went over to the barrel rides. Brylee rode them not once, not twice, but three times. She had so much fun. The driver did such a good job. At the end he would do a complete circle and give a high five to all the kids with long enough arms to reach. Brylee got a few fives. 

Her face kills me in this picture!

There was also a pumpkin patch and hay ride that we didn't do because we are going to the big pumpkin patch in the next few weeks. 

The other day I made Fall Fun Bucket List on our chalkboard in the kitchen. Here's what we have so far:

-go to the pumpkin patch
-make homemade pies
-figure out halloween costumes (Dustin has his entire costume done already--Brylee and I have no idea what we are going to be)
-carve/paint pumpkins
-make and decorate sugar cookies
-take some fall pictures
-go to an apple orchard

We can't wait to check a few things off the list. 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Flash Back Friday with some Brylee-Isms!

I was going through my draft post folder last night and decided it would probably be a good idea to delete/publish some of the 30+ drafts I have sitting in there. I mean seriously some were from when I first started this blog. I figured I would combine a few random posts because #babyBrylee and I have no idea why the fonts are all different sizes. 

(These Bryleeism's are close to a year old:|)

1. One day we were all sitting on the couch, Brylee between Dustin and me. Brylee stood up on the couch and I told her "No". This upset her and she leans over to Dustin and gives him a kiss and then turns back at me and gives me a dirty look. No kisses for momma I guess. Dustin and I just laughed! 

2. While watching "the Chew" one day, Brylee would stop what she was doing and laugh when they would laugh and clap when they would clap.

3. Brylee will now raise her hand when we ask her something. "Who's hungry?" "Who's a big girl?" "Who's naughty?"-actually she points at daddy for that one! 

4. When we ask Brylee if she's ready to eat, she will walk over to her high chair, pull her nukey out of her mouth and set it on the table and then try to climb into her high hair. (see nukey-we haven't had that for a while now!)

5. Brylee loves loves loves to dance. Is there is music on she doesn't care what she is doing, she will start busting a move. Eating in her high chair-the arms start swaying back and forth, playing with her toys-she will start swinging her upper body, if one of her jams comes on-oh boy look out, she will get up, spin in circles, shake her booty back and forth, drop to the ground and lift her feet. She most definitely gets her moves from her daddy. 

And a few random pictures that never got published!

And now some current Brylee-isms.

1. Brylee loves to over exaggerate. I don't know where she gets that from;) She loves to "pretend" she gets hurt on something and go "OW" and hold whatever part of her body got hurt. One day we were putting Brylee in her carseat and the wind shut the door on Dustin's leg so he said "ouch" and then Brylee instantly grabbed her leg and started going "ow, ow, ow" and I just laughed.

One day she was attempting to open a box of cookie cutters up and she wasn't able to get it open so she started saying "ow" like the box hurt her hand because it wouldn't open.

2. She loves to give hugs and kisses at the most randomly perfect times.

3. She will automatically stick out her tongue whenever I turn my phone on to selfie mode- no matter what her current mood situation is. One day she was having a temper tantrum in the car and I whipped out my phone and put it on selfie mode for her and she immedialty stopped crying and stuck out her tongue for the picture. * I need to remember that for future temper tantrums.

4. One night Brylee and I were relaxing on the couch before bed. Brylee was watching Sofia the First and I was talking to Dustin. I tried to turn down the volume of the TV but the channel accidentally changed to wrestling instead and Brylee yelled "HEY" and gave me the dirtiest look. Dustin and I both had a good chuckle from that one. 

5. Dustin and Brylee are playing in her room. I hear Brylee yell "ow" thinking she got hurt somehow. All of a sudden Dustin comes downstairs laughing hysterically. I asked him what happened and if Brylee was ok. He finally stops laughing long enough to tell me "Brylee just kicked me out of her room. She went over to the door, pointed and told me to get out!" Wish us luck when she's a teenager!!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

What Brylee Eats: Thirteen

Before I begin this weeks installment of "What Brylee Eats" don't forget to enter our giveaway with Pick-Ease - today is the last day to enter!

As always you can follow along on Instagram.


 Strawberry Nutri-Grain bar, mini baby bel cheese, and fresh blueberries mixed with yogurt covered raisins. Animals optional;)

Strawberry toaster struesel, plum slices, and yogurt covered raisins. 
Plate/FunBites cutter

Scrambled eggs, "duck" cheese, strawberry toaster streusel, and blueberries. 
Plate/FunBites cutter/fork/pick/heart cup

Pancakes with whip cream and blueberries. 

Lion waffles, egg, and banana slices. 

Strawberry toaster streusel, frozen peaches and blueberries. 

Caramel roll, mini baby bel cheese, and plums and pears.

Mandarin oranges, mini baby bel cheese, scrambled egg and toast. Brylee also had strawberry milk. 

Mini pancakes, frozen peaches (that I defrosted) and string cheese. 


Cheese sandwich, blueberries and pink goldfish.

Buttered bread with sprinkles "house", mini baby bel cheese, and a cookie. 

Pink goldfish, blueberries and yogurt covered raisins. 

Nutella sandwich rollups, Pirate's Booty puffcorn, string cheese, and apple sauce. 

Peanut butter and honey tortilla rollups, banana, string cheese, and cookies. 


Chicken parmesan, pasta with spaghetti sauce, corn, and a Cheeto's skeleton. 

Peas, frozen blueberries, veggie straws, hamburger and cheese. 

Pizza Hut pizza and a cheese stick and pear slices.

Pork chop, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, steamed veggies and buttered bread. 

Fried fish (Bass that we caught at the lake while fishing!) banana slices, mini baby bel cheese, and corn.

Mini hamburger sliders, provolone cheese slices, french fries, and banana slices. 

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