Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Sorry I've been MIA lately. We haven't had anything to exciting going on here, although we redid our laundry room! I'm super excited to share it soon! 

So here's a quick recap of our life lately. 

Brylee loves playing talking tom cat on the iPad. She will "tickle" him and then belly laugh when he talks to her.

I'm not sure where she learned this...

I let Brylee color with markers for the first time a few days ago. Apparently paper is boring and skin is more fun to color on. She also attempted red lipstick. I think we are going to have to try bath paints. Has anyone tried them before? I don't want to end up with a black tub:/

I was cleaning out our coat closet last week and found a paintbrush in our housewarming bag from our builders and decided to let Brylee use it in her bath to "paint" with water. She loves it. 

We went ice fishing again last Saturday with one of Dustin's buddies. Last time we went, Brylee loved going on a sled ride, so we stopped at Scheels and picked up a sled that was just her size. And good thing we did because it was a long walk to the center of the lake and I swear kids are 5 times heavier in snow suits when they want to be carried.

Funny story: Dustin and Brylee went to drill more holes. Brylee got bored and started to walk back, every few steps peeking back at Dustin. Then she turns around to go back for her beloved ice scoop and then books it giggling the whole way. Dustin just died laughing.

I think this is the coolest picture ever. 

Brylee is a crazy sleeper. This is why she doesn't sleep in our bed. I've been kicked in the head too many times to count.

My parents gave Brylee a ballpit for Christmas. She thinks climbing up the sides and jumping off is more fun. 

We have been working on brushing teeth. If I ask Brylee if she wants to brush them, she will go upstairs to her bathroom and point to her drawer, asking for her tooth brush. She will brush her own teeth but won't let anyone else get near her mouth. Any tips? 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ice Fishing Fun

Sunday afternoon we needed to get out of the house and just enjoy the day. We could either go ice fishing or to a horse sleigh ride at the park down the street. Dustin quickly vetoed the sleigh ride since we had already gone on two last year. We knew about a couple small ponds in town that stock fish and decided to try them out. It was super nice out and Brylee loved every minute of it, even though we skipped naptime. When we first got to the pond, Brylee had to check it out. She would walk until the snow got a little deeper and would stop in her tracks because she didn't want to get stuck.

Dustin was busy drilling holes and setting everything up, so we decided to use the ice house as a sled. Brylee had a smile on her face the ENTIRE time! We also tried to take it down a tiny hill but it didn't work out so hot!

After everything was ready to go, we all sat on our buckets and started fishing. I love this picture of Brylee on her bucket. Dustin thinks of everything! 

The ice scoop quickly became her best friend. She pushed it around for a good 20 minutes.

As the sun started setting, it got a little cooler outside so we decided to set up the ice house. The fish started biting left and right. They weren't very big but to Brylee they were all "ish" and it made her day. 

We plan on going again this weekend since it's only a five minute drive from our house and my coffee is still hot by the time we get there:)

Friday, January 16, 2015

Snow Prints

It's been super old here lately so we have barely left the house except for a few errands. I gave Brylee a metal mixing bowl and a wooden spoon so she can make some pretend food. She loves mixing it (or banging it around) and then we have to taste test it.

Must be good;)

A few days ago it warmed up a little, so we helped Dustin shovel the driveway. Brylee loved the snow, except anytime it would stay on her gloves she wanted me to wipe it off. She also was so excited she ran towards the snow and did a nose dive into the driveway. Good thing she had lots of padding...she is her mothers child. 

I love her rosy cheeks in this picture. 

When we were done playing outside, we ran a few errands.

When we came out of the store it had snowed again. So much for shoveling! Brylee had fun making baby footprints in the fresh snow though! 

We have decided to quit the pacifier cold turkey. Brylee fell asleep with out it last night, so it have me a little hope. This morning was killer when she woke up because she couldn't find one and melt down city followed. It's only 8am. Wish us luck and send some wine!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Reese's Spreads Vox Box

The summer after I graduated from high school, I took a trip to Germany. It was my first time flying and I am afraid of heights. Needless to say I was sick to my stomach when we finally landed and it lasted a few days into the trip. While we were in Germany, one of the main breakfast foods were some sort of bread with hazelnut spread (before it was all the rage here). Let's just say I couldn't eat it anymore after that. Fast forward a few years and it seemed like there were different versions of the chocolate flavored spreads by many different brands I was afraid to try them because I didn't feel like I would like them. Then influenster sent us Reese's spreads and let me tell you it is delicious! It tastes exactly like a Reese's peanut butter cup but it is spreadable. 

Brylee had to lick up every last bit of it! 

We have tried it with pretzels and vanilla wafers and it's a hit. I want to try it with ritz crackers because I'm sure it will be great! 

Dud you know you can make scrambled eggs in the microwave! Just spray a microwave-safe bowl with Pam spray and then scramble an egg in it. Put it in the microwave for about 45 seconds or so until it is set. I love these on English muffins and there's not a lot of mess. 

We can't get enough and will for sure be buying more!

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Fabulous Five on Friday

I can't believe it's been a month since my last Fabulous Five on Friday post. Gotta love the holidays.

1. We are trying to wean Brylee from her nukey. It's been challenging that for sure. I cut an end on one of them and she hates it, so cross your fingers for us. I'll do a post later on it.

2. The weather here had been really cold (barely breaking zero) lately, so Brylee and I haven't left the house except for Wednesday when we did a little grocery shopping. Brylee was so funny because she would run up and down every single aisle, gigglling with joy. Needless to say she slept great the night. I can't wait for summer!

3. Apparently Brylee has been perfecting her stink she for a long time! 

4. Gah, I love her!

5. I'm loving her "I'm not tired" t-shirt, especially when she is so tired shes crabby!

T-shirtleggings c/o sugarplum lane baby/ moccs c/o freshly picked

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Dustin and I celebrated our 11 year anniversary on Sunday. We went out to dinner (and even ordered dessert!) and then did some shopping at Target, while my mom watched Brylee for us. It was the first time we have gone on a date sans kid since Brylee was born. It was nice but we missed her the entire time. While we were at Target, we decided to take our time and actually just look around, because we are normally chasing around after Brylee. It was fun, it felt like high school all over again! We need to do that more often.
Now onto some random photos from the past few weeks...
We wonder why we have no memory on our phones. Miss #selfie queen herself! This is probably why you may get a random picture/status like from me as well. Kid can unlock my phone. I don't know how. Oh and she is the best dj.

We move our table and chairs daily (more like hourly). She takes it quite seriously.

My dad made us banana bread. Brylee ate the whole loaf!

We watched some Ellen.

We pouted because mom tried to take a staged picture. Note her headbands, they are the only ones she will leave on her head. It drives me nuts since I have about 1638282 cute headbands for her. #pickyourbattles. Oh and she insists on wearing them both at once!

She's loves to help out. 

Don't you just want to squeeze those cheeks?!

Grandma and grandpa bought Brylee a 4-wheeler. My floors have nice tire marks all over them. 


We pretend we are in school.

I had to make some banana bread because grandpas just wasn't enough!

I know this is totally blurry but Brylee makes the best uh-oh face aka granny dentures.

I'm glad the holidays are over so we can get back into a normal routine. Ever since  Thanskgiving Brylee's sleep schedule has been way out of whack. I don't mind her staying up late it's the waking up ever few hours because she wants to play that is driving me nuts! One day I'm sure I will look back and miss these days, until then give me all the coffee!