Friday, May 29, 2015

Fabulous Five on Friday

1. Brylee can now rock a "top knot" and a "pony tail". I used Hot Tot Finishing Spray to keep it in place.

How tan is she?!

2. We had a crazy rain storm yesterday afternoon. This was right after it hailed and Dustin decided he needed to "play" in the rain. (If you look really closely you can see the window above the white car on the house is open-I'm sure their carpet was pretty soggy!)

3. LOOK AT ALL THE GREEN GRASS WE HAVE! We actually mowed it for the first time the day we got home from our trip because it looked like a jungle. It made us feel like we are real home owners now. :)

4. Bubbles will never get old for Brylee

5. I'm trying to catch up on all my blog reading since we were on vacation. So many great posts I've missed out on. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

We're Home

We are finally home after our week long vacation! We had a blast. I will do some more detailed posts about what we did each day (after I finish our never ending laundry--why does it seem like 30 extra loads after vacation?!) but for now here's a little sneak peak at some of our favorite parts!

We went to the San Antonio Aquarium--Why did Brylee cry when we left? Because that meant we had to stop playing basketball with the humongous basketballs!

We took a day trip to Corpus Christi (by far everyones favorite part of the trip) and spent the afternoon swimming in the ocean (the gulf if you want to get technical). Thats the first time any of us have swam in an ocean (or really seen an ocean for that fact!) 

We went to the Wild Life Ranch and went into the petting zoo part...Brylee loved it. 

She also loved looking out the window at all the "wild" animals and throwing them food.

We went to SeaWorld and watch the killer whale show twice and the dolphin show once. Brylee would scream and clap everytime they would jump out of the water! Her face right there is worth every penny we spent on those tickets!

Brylee pet a snake at the aquarium!

She was a great tour guide at the zoo. Some how we ended up looking at lots of "ducks" and "ish" (fish)......

We also went to a Trader Joe's store for the first time (the closest one is about 4 hours or so from our house in Minneapolis and I could never convince Dustin while we are there that we should go "grocery shopping") since we had some extra time after doing a little shopping for souvenirs and there was one right next door. Seriously where has that store been all my life. We bought this and this -AMAZING- Brylee loves them both on her pancakes in the morning or even for a sandwich at lunch. I also bought this since we were in a Mexican food coma, this because I love BBQ, and this. The latter three we haven't tried yet so I hope that they are just as great as the cookie butters! Dustin even said that it was the coolest "grocery" store ever and gave me the thumbs up to go there again when we head to the cities in the future:).

We spent a lot of time on the river walk and ran into this guy! Anyone recognize him? I'll give you a hint he played on Happy Gilmore!

That's all for now. The laundry is calling my name!

Monday, May 25, 2015

How to Install a Storm Door

Last October (just a few days before Halloween) we installed a storm door to help protect our front door that we painted. We wanted to put a storm door on so we leave the door open on nice days (without all the pesky bugs!) and still get natural light in the entry way. 

Brylee was clearly excited for an afternoon spent outside enjoying the fresh air. 

Moccs (c/o Freshly Picked)

The post may get boring for some after this point (especially if you don't need to know how to install a storm door) so if you quit reading I won't feel bad!

Here is our door after she was all painted with the kick board and our address.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before starting your storm door install:

-Make sure you have the proper tools to install this. (powered hand drill, 1/8" drill bit, and a small chisel bit for sure)
-DO NOT INSTALL THIS ON A WINDY DAY!- this will cause your door to get "wind chucked" and it will not ever close properly after that happens. 
-Make sure you have enough time to finish the project, it will take about three hours or so from start to finish. 
-It's best to have two people installing. One person to hold the door and keep it straight while the other is securing it down-this helps from the door taking off in the wind.

After doing a lot of research on what the best and easiest storm door was to install, we ended up choosing the Larson Easy Hang Screen and Storm Door with the beveled finish on the glass. One of the main reasons being that we didn't have to drill out any hardware holes on the door-they were already there for us. When we bought it we didn't realize that it included a "screen" to make it a "screen door" as well.  We thought it was only the glass storm door-two for one-not bad in our opinion.  Make sure that you measure your door jam widths and purchase the right size door.

This door doesn't come with a handle so we had to purchase that separately. (Don't forget the handle if yours doesn't come with one and make sure you get the correct handle that is compatible with your door).

The first thing we did was set up two saw horses in the garage.

We put a piece of cardboard down on top of the saw horses (Dustin brought this home from work)- you could easily skip this step or use plywood- but we just wanted extra support since we didn't want the glass piece to accidentally break.

We put the door on top of the piece of cardboard and Dustin carefully opened it up along the serrated edges.

Once it was opened up, we carefully separated all the pieces and put them somewhere that they wouldn't get lost or broken. 

The instructions are fairly easy to follow and they have pictures to go along with each step. One side is the left-hinge instructions-what we did-and the other side is the right-hinge instructions. Make sure you follow the right instructions for your door. You want to make sure that the hinges are on the same side as the exterior door hinges-your handles should also line up.

STEP 1: Prep Steps

After browsing through the instructions, we carefully removed the yellow clips that held the screen and door together and placed the screen door against the wall since we weren't using this. (1e)

Then Dustin made sure that the glass was secured to the door by snapping the retaining clips into place. (1f)

Brylee chilled in her stroller while we were figuring out the best system to hanging the door.

Now it was time to install the hinge rail.

STEP 2: Set Placeholder Screw for Hinge Rail

Put the hinge flush against the left door jam. 2a

Mark the top hole-shaped like a fish-with a pen. 2b

Using a 1/8"drill bit pre-drill the screw hole. Then attach the placeholder screw.

Leave 1/8" of the screw exposed. 2c

STEP 3: Attach Hinge Rail to Storm Door

Place the interior side of the door face up-3a

Screw the #10 screw into the pilot hole (top end of door) 3b

Pre-drill the remaining pilot holes using 1/8" bit. A tip would be to put a piece of colored tape on the end of the drill bit leaving only about 1/4" exposed, so you know when to stop the drill bit so you don't hit the glass or drill too deep.  3c

Attach remaining screws starting from bottom. 3d

STEP 4: Attach Storm Door to Door Frame

Slide rail extender (marked with L) into the bottom rail of the hinge rail. 4a

Hang storm door onto the door frame using the placeholder screw. Tighten the screw while pushing the top of the hinge rail tight against the door frame. 4b

I helped pushed the door taught while Dustin drilled.

I must have been busy with Brylee during these steps because I never took pictures:/

Pre-drill hole on bottom inner side of hinge rail and install screw to secure door opening. Make sure to not over tighten. 4c

Slide down extender to sill. 4d

Pre-drill holes and place screws on the inner side of the hinge rail in all 8 locations. Don't over tighten screws. 4e

Push the door tight against the door frame then pretrial holes and install screws on the outer side of the hinge rail. 4f

Cut extender weather stripping to length, peel adhesive backing and install. 4g

Step 5: Install the Drip Cap

Place the drip cap on the door frame above the door. 5a

Close the door to verify consistent clearance. Align drip cap to end of hinge rail. 5b

Pre-drill holes and install screws. 5c

Caulk if desired 5d

STEP 6. Install the Latch Rail

Apparently no pictures for these steps either.

Slide rail extender  (marked with "R") into the bottom of latch rail. 6a

Place the latch rail against the drip cap. 6b

Slide rail extender to sill. 6c

Verify that the door closes freely without hitting the latch rail. Align outside edge of latch rail without outside edge of drip cap. 6d

Pre-drill holes and fasten the latch rail with screws. 6e

Cut extender weather stripping to length, peel adhesive backing and install. 6f

Step 7: Install the Latch Hardware

We installed our door handle before we proceeded with the door installation any further.**

Dustin knew what he was doing for this step so I just took pictures along the way. You can just follow the instructions in the box or use these.

Make sure that the latch bolt is facing the right way for your door hinge. We had to switch ours because it was set up for a right hinged door. Then we inserted it into the opened edge of the door panel.

We double checked that everything turned correctly-even trying the keys.

Then we added the mortise plate and screwed it into place.

Then we marked off the strike plate location on the outer door frame, chiseled the holes out and installed the strike plate.

Then we added the handles and trim plate to both sides of the door and tightened it all down.

STEP  8: Storm Door Expander

Install the sweep and trim the excess off 8a
(we found this was easier to install if you got it wet with soapy water)

Crimp both ends. 8b

Install expander onto the door 8c

Adjust the sweep to the threshold so there isn't a gap 8d

Drill two 3/32" pilot holes 8e

Install expander 8f

STEP 9: Screw Cover Installation

Snap strips into place by anchoring the outer side first. Start at the top ends and slide finger down while pressing. 

STEP 10: Install Closer

1. Pre-load Closer
Insert hold open washer into place.
Use a screwdriver to pull out closer rod 1/4".---This is extremely important. Only go out 1/4". We went a little farther out so our door doesn't have all the pulling power it should.

2. Closer Locations and Installation
Position closers as to not interfere with top jamb or drip cap. Center on the top and bottom of the door frames.

Drill pilot holes into jamb
Install screws into jamb
Secure closer to jamb bracket with short pin.
Secure door bracket with long pin.
Close door
Level and drill 2 pilot holes in door. (DO NOT DRILL THROUGH DOOR!)
Install door bracket on door with two screws.

3. Adjust closer
Turn the adjusting screw to control the speed of the closer.
(For 2 closer models, unhook one closer and adjust one at a time.)

The finished product!

We would definitely buy this storm door again. It was really easy to install and we didn't have any issues during the installation process.