Thursday, August 11, 2016

Jungle "2" Jungle-Brylee's Second Birthday

Brylee turns 3 in less than three weeks and I am just now getting around to finishing up the post from her second birthday. #lifehappens

Anyway after her first birthday, we decided on a safari/jungle theme and decided to call in Jungle "2" Jungle. We figured this would be one of the last few years we could get away with picking the theme and it would be something neutral that the decorations could be used again. I had a lot of fun planning this party. 

I started making the decorations/party favors a few weeks before her party. I used 8 oz bottled water bottles and covered them in zebra print duct tape (white) and (pink). Cute, easy and super festive. 

I made a treat bag for each kiddo to take home. Leading up to the party, Brylee and I would cruise the party aisles at Michael's and Party City to see if we could find any birthday related (clearance) finds. Here's what we used in the treat bags: zebra print bagszebra stripe lollipop, Neat Cheeks, water bottle pouch, animal slime, safari fruit snacksbubbles, and a bracelet. Once the bags were assembled and set up at the party, I put a balloon animal on each one.  

Since the party was mostly adults, and we didn't want them to feel left out, we had zebra cake thank you's. I just stuck an Avery label on them and wrote "thanks for coming to my party" on them.

A few days prior to the party, Brylee and I worked on getting all the games ready that we were going to play. Since Brylee is a better artist than me, I put her on drawing duty.

Dustin was able to snag a giant piece of cardboard from work and I used some paint pens to draw and color in the zebra for "pin the tail on the zebra".

We decided to have Brylee's birthday at our house and set up all the food with extra tables for eating at in the garage--we purposely did a makeover just for her party. We happened to choose the windiest day of the year (hello ND) so the garage door stayed shut most of the day (hence the horrible lighting). Since we played all of the games before we ate, I set up the empty containers so I knew where I wanted everything (and to make sure it fit). We didn't put the food out until right before we started eating.

We had four tables lined up along the back wall of the garage. The first table had the gift bags/treats on them. I picked up the table cloth at the Dollar Tree and the zebra print bows were a clearance find from Wal-Mart.

Aren't those balloons just the cutest?

The next table was the start of the line with plates, silverware and drinks. I made the "Happy Birthday" banner for Brylee's first birthday on my cri-cut before decided to quit working on me.

I picked up the plates and napkins at the Dollar Tree. The cups were from Sam's and the straws can be found here.

You can't really see in this picture but between the drink containers there is a pineapple top as a decoration. Since we were going to be eating pineapple anyway, this was a free decoration that totally fit with the theme!

Drink stands were from Sam's but I have seen them at Menard's.

For the beverages we had green parrot juice (green Hi-C juice) and Jungle Juice (iced tea).

On the table next to the drinks we had the food. We had "Snake Subs" which Erbert and Gerbert's generously provided for us (seriously the best subs ever!). I just arranged the subs in the shape of a snake. We also had "Hungry Hippo Dip" with different fresh veggies and ranch dip.

I made the chalkboard picture frame. I bought a 10x10 white frame and spray painted the glass with chalk board paint. So easy and such a fun element.

Next to the sandwich table we had the sides. In case if you can't tell, every food has to have a fun name. We had:
"Snake Eggs"-green grapes
"Twigs"- pretzel rods
"Monkey Dip"-Snicker dip with animal crackers (#dontmindtherandompretzelinthedip)
"Lion Teeth"- Pineapple chunks
"Dried Ants"-raisins
"Tiger Poop"- black and orange sixlets
"Vines"-Green licorice
"Zebra Tails"-Black and white striped suckers
"Alligator Toes"-Pickle slices
"Beetle Wings"-Potato Chips

All the bamboo is Pampered Chef and the Galvanized Stand is a Sam's Club clearance find.

For Brylee's first birthday, I made all of the desserts but I opted out this year and just had the local grocery store make ours.

Here are some better close-ups.

We also had a "Watering Hole" (remember those cute water bottles from the beginning of the post?!). I just put them in a galvanized tub stand with some ice and called it a day. I also put some green/blue/and white garland around the outside of the tub. 

Northstar balloons was kind enough to send us all of our balloons that we used to decorate with. I'm not sure which was my favorite but they were all so fun.

Also for decoration on all of the tables we put plastic animals and some palm leaf confetti. Brylee still loves playing with all the animals to this day.

Before we ate we played a few games outside. We played one where you place a tennis ball inside a panty hose and put the panty hose on top of your head and then try to knock over three water bottles. We also played a game were you transfer popcorn from one bin to another with cups rubber banded to your feet. 

After games we ate and Brylee opened her presents. She received a lot of fun toys (especially sand ones!)

After presents it was time for cupcakes. It took a few tries but she was finally able to blow out the candle!

I can't believe she will be three in just a few short weeks. This year Anna and Elsa are coming to the party!

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