Monday, September 22, 2014

Meal Plan: Week 1

Pinterest and I have a love/hate relationship! I hate to love it or maybe I hate to love it. I have over 12,000 pins and probably have only used a handful of them. I love the convience of it when I'm looking for a recipe/DIY idea quick but then all of a sudden three hours later I have about 100 new pins pinned. The whole point of my Pinterest banter is because I have been in a cooking rut and we've been eating the same meals over and over (or just going out because really who wants dishes anyways?!) but we want to try different things and Pinterest (and my 25 Pampered Chef cookbooks) are a great start. Every week I plan on posting our five dinner meals along with recipes and pictures. If you have suggestions for great meals let me know!


We had Sonic for supper because we were out running errands.


-Tyson Grilled n Ready chicken breasts
-Real (red) mashed potatos and gravy
-Macaroni and Cheese


Crock Pot Tacos

Seriously the BEST and easiest tacos ever! When we make these we make a lot so we can have leftovers. I took 4 pounds ground beef (uncooked) and put it in the crock pot on high with some taco seasoning and water. I mixed the taco seasoning and water before adding it to the crock pot. I know people say to never lift the lids on crock pots because it looses heat but I like to stir the meat to make sure it's all cooking and in the sauce mixture. I cooked it for about 8 hours on high. The longer the better though. When I checked on the meat after about 4 hours I broke it up with a Pampered Chef mix n chop. A potato masher would work just as well.

All the typical toppings
-black olives
-hot sauce
-Chili's queso cheese dip (a new item I found in the freezer section at Walmart)
-tortilla chips
-flour tortillas

It was also Dustin's moms Birthday this day so I made a birthday cake.

Can you tell her drink of choice?

Panco breaded chicken tenders (Tyson brand from Costco)
French fries

My sister was in town so we went to Panera Bread.

Our Weekend

Saturday afternoon we headed to a parade downtown. We got there about an hour early to make sure we could get a decent spot. I knew it was supposed to rain but I totally spaced it out. It was chilly before we left so I did have bring a jacket for Brylee. Before the parade started the Boy Scouts passed out flags for everyone to wave. Brylee was obsessed. She would hold out her hand and ask everyone around her for there's. At one point she had three flags. As soon as the parade started so did the rain. And rain it did. Brylee could have cared less though. She was sucking on a sucker and helping Dustin pick up candy. She would wave to the floats and they would throw candy to her. She even scored some "mardi gra" beads. Eventually it rained just a little too long on our parade so we packed up and headed home.

She wears her "Mardi Gra" beads all. the. time.

We took a long nap late Saturday afternoon and then went to Space Aliens for dinner. We wanted a little date night and decided to try it out since we had some coupons even though we have never eaten there before. It was pretty good. We played a few games before we headed out and ended up with enough tickets for a "barrel of monkeys" game and three bracelets. Brylee was in her glory. Kid loves her jewelry. We joked about how she is so obsessed with  jewelry that her future husband better be prepared :O

Sunday morning we headed down to the river and went fishing since Brylee decided that 7am was a fine time to wake up considering she didn't go to bed until 1:30am (darn that late nap!). Dustin and I each caught a fish. As long as we catch at least one fish it makes any fishing trip worth it. Brylee enjoyed going for wagon rides (with her new wagon she got for her birthday! Thanks Ashley and Garrett!) She played with her bracelets the entire time. 

Sunday afternoon we worked on burying our sump pump hose off the back of our house. We spent way too many hours at Menards in the plumbing aisle. Brylee didn't care through. Hours of endless entertainment, until she decided she needed a snack. So we bought a bag of Cheetos and turned every thing orange we touched! 

Sunday night we relaxed and watched a movie and Brylee snuck some popcorn from our bowl. She gobbled it down by the handful.

Happy Monday! 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Fabulous Five on Friday

 1. Well it does say to share with a buddy...she is obsessed with trying to drink from our pop cans. She's so sneaky! 

2. We found these creepy balls at Walmart. She is obsessed with it and how could we not buy it when the smile is that big!

3. Our town is having a parade tomorrow and we are planning on taking Brylee. It will be her first parade so I am excited to see what she thinks of it.

4. Brylee surely loves her baths. Which I love because she needs one after almost every meal. She's such a messy eater. 

5. It's supposed to be nice this weekend (almost 80s but chances of rain) compared to last weekends 50's.

Sleepless Nights

Every single night this week Brylee has woken up when I've gone in to her room to check on her before I go to bed. I'm not sure why she's waking up but her door has started creaking when it's opened and shut so maybe that's it. Brylee does not like covers on her at all and now that it's cooling off I try to cover her up and be like stealth mode when I do, when she starts to stir I freeze and hope she doesn't see me. Ha! She's standing up whimpering for me to pick her up quicker than I can type this.  We end up cuddling in my bed until she falls back asleep.  I think she's going through a growth spurt because she has been mighty cranky lately. Maybe it's teeth or maybe she's just practicing for her terrible twos! 

Monday, September 15, 2014

One last Hurrah!

We had to get one last weekend of fishing in this weekend. It was cold all weekend- the warmest it got all weekend was like 65. That didn't stop is from catching lots of fish, both big and small! 

Brylee was all about the fish until one poked her with its fins. Then she wanted nothing to do with them. She would tickle them, hold them, point to their eyes, and pet them. 

It still seriously cracks me up how Brylee can sleep in the most uncomfortable positions! I have learned my lesson that I can't try to adjust her position because then she wakes up and it's all over.

Yes she fell asleep on the floor reading the phone book....

Dustin got one last ride in on the jet ski. People probably thought he was crazy since it was so cold but winters are long here and we have to hold onto whatever summery type weather we have. 

Happy Monday friends 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Fabulous Five on Friday

1. Brylee is all about her music. She's got some mad dance skills!

2. We FINALLY have a Sonic! Woo-hoo!! Although it's always crazy busy we snuck in quick on Sunday morning! Soo delicious!

3. I recently discovered that Chuck-E-Cheese has a playtime for 1-3 year olds M-Th. I am thinking it may be a sanity saver this winter. Anyone been to this before? I'm gonna drag Dustin with me the first time we go...
We're also thinking of doing ECFE with Brylee.  I missed fall registration but we're thinking winter may be better any way because she will (hopefully) be fully walking by then. (She's so close but she just won't fully give up crawling!)

4. Brylee is totally into tickling us. We say "tickey, tickey, tickey" and she will immediately start to tickle us and giggle. Cutest thing ever! 

5. It definitely feels like fall here. In the 50s/60s during the day and 40s at night. I refuse to turn the heat on in hopes of warmer weather. So to compensate I have been baking. Williams-Sonoma chocolate chip cookies ( I used m&m's and put frosting between some) and pumpkin pie so far (along with the apple pie last week). Any fun fall desserts that are a must try?

Don't mind her crazy hair it's going through a weird stage!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Fabulous Five on Friday

1. Brylee will now put headbands on her head all by herself! Leaving them on is another story...

2. Brylee's love of hand puppets is growing deeper everyday. She will also lift her foot for me to put it on as a sock.

3. I won a contest on Instagram and love my prize!

4. I may never need to dust my house ever again. 

5. It's finally Friday. Need I say more.