Friday, November 27, 2015

Fabulous Five on Friday-Thanksgiving Edition

1. We went over to my parents for Thanksgiving yesterday. Brylee decided to wear her boots since it was snowing and we may not get the opportunity to again!

2. Brylee helped me bake some pies on Wednesday for Thanksgiving. I decided to take some pictures of it on her new plate (get 30% off with code "BLACKFRIDAY") and attempted to put it back in the fridge for Thursday but she thought it was out for her and wanted to eat it right then and there, and who am I to say no to such a sweet face;)

3. Thursday morning she as all sorts of excited for the festive food she got to eat. I couldn't even take a picture for "What Brylee Eats" before she grabbed it off the table to start eating. 

4. While we were over at my parents house, Brylee put on a musical performance for her "ish"-with a full on "Ta-Da" and bow at the end!!

Black Friday (online) Deals [shop small]

Here's a quick round up of some amazing Black Friday online deals I found:

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5. Replay Recycled: "Frozen" inspired meal sets. Prices starting at $15 plus free shipping. (ends Monday)

6. Silikids: Free Silimat with any purchase through Monday.

7. Candelles Candles: 35% off Friday-code "BF35", 30% off Saturday- code "BF30" and 25% off Sunday-code "BF25"

8. Design Life Kids: 30% off with Free Shipping- Code "BLACKFRIDAY" good through Monday.

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11. 4moms: 20% off with Free shipping with code "THANKS20".

12. NeatCheeks: 50% 4 pack bundles plus free shipping!

Any others you would add? Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Weekend Shenanigans

Last weekend Dustin and I went to a movie that had technical difficulties so we ended up getting two free tickets for a matinee. We decided to use them to take Brylee to her first movie.  Since we had to use them up before we moved, we went to the Peanuts movie on Saturday. Brylee enjoyed it until the last few minutes and decided she needed to get up and run around. She ended up tripping and started crying so I brought her to the side and just held her until the movie was over. 

We are slowly starting to pack up our house--and by slowly pack I mean go to the movies;) 
We did take the TV off of the wall and remove the mount.  Brylee was a little concerned when she couldn't turn back on her beloved "snow"-aka Frozen, though!
Shirt (sold out)
We are storing some of our belongings at my parents house, so we are slowly bringing items over there. We decided to take apart the fish tank so we could bring it over to my parent's on Sunday. Since we only had one tiny gold fish we just put it in a bowl on the table. We ended up getting a call from the grocery store saying that they had some boxes for us if we wanted them so we quickly ran to pick them up. Once we arrived back home, I went over to the "fish bowl" on the table but I couldn't find the fish. We did put a rock in the bowl so I thought he was just hiding under it. Dustin ended up sticking his hand in the bowl to move the rock but there was no fish. Like how does a fish just disappear in 45 minutes? Then I found him lying on the floor. About 4 feet from the bowl. I wish we would have been here to witness that. 

I am also doing a giveaway on Instagram with oogaa! You may remember them from my review here.

Also I found Tegu Blocks on clearance at Target  from my toddler gift guide (don't forget to use ebates to earn cash back!)

Friday, November 20, 2015

Fabulous Five on Friday

1.Since we are closing on our house and moving half way through December, I have slowly started buying gifts for Brylee and wrapping them, so I'm somewhat prepared for Christmas. My gift wrapping area was one of my favorite DIY projects we did in the house here and I want to put one in our next one!

2. I just had to buy this this book for Brylee!

3. Pick-Ease has some new Thanksgiving themed picks out. Brylee loves her new "unkin" pick. 

4. I am totally a sucker for Black and White (it's probably why I have black and white counter tops!). Anyway I found these adorable Buddy and Bear plates from Design Life Kids and had to get them. Santa will be enjoying his cookies on that hohoho plate!

5. My family will enjoy this one. I love peppermint chip ice cream (peppermint bon bon!) and have forever. When I was in second grade we were learning about sharks and how when they eat they go on "feeding frenzies". Anyway we had to write what we have a feeding frenzy over and I chose peppermint bon bon ice cream. My brother still gives me crap about it to this day. Anyway this milk tastes like that ice cream in melted drinkable form! It is so good! (I found it at Target!)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Gift Guide: For Toddlers

I can't believe Christmas is only five weeks away. FIVE WEEKS! I have slowly started to pick up things for Brylee when I run to Target or if I find a great deal on Amazon I will snag it up. I decided to compile a list of toys that I know Brylee would enjoy for many years to come. 
Scooter/Play Kitchen/Table and Chairs/Helicopter
Portable High Chair (enter our giveaway here)/Learning Tower/Magnetic Blocks/Animal Magnets

Brylee has a few of these already items already but with how much she loves them I just had to include them. I also realized that once we move we will live about an hour away from an Ikea instead of 3 hours-they can just go ahead and take all my money already!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas:
 -Crayola Bath Paints (we find ours in the Target dollar section)
-Craft supplies (paint, chalk, crayons--you would be the coolest kid in school with those!, markers, colored pencils)
-coloring books
-favorite snack

And you can't forget about Santa! I bought this plate to put cookies out for him! 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


We SOLD our house!! We are so excited, but the reality of a huge cross country move is starting to set in-especially since we close in less than one month and we don't have any boxes yet!

We are very excited though, for this next chapter of our life. We can't want to start exploring all that Texas has to offer (especially the warmer weather!) 
TX Cups
Dustin and I had some free movie tickets to use up before we move, so we went on a little date night Sunday night. We went to Love The Coopers and about 5 minutes into the actual movie (gotta love previews), the screen went out even though there was still sound. Since there were only two other couples in the theater, I decided to go up to the front and let the employees know that there was something wrong with the screen. They said it would be about 10 minutes until they would have it back up and running. The other two couples ended up leaving and Dustin and I contemplated it but we decided to stick it out and see if they could fix it. After a few minutes the movie restarted and we were good to go. The manager came over to us and told us to pick up some free passes on our way out. We are thinking about taking Brylee to a matinee one day before we move-shes never been to an actual theater before. Any toddler friendly movies playing right now? And if you are wondering, we loved the movie. It took a little while to get good but once you figured out the family dynamic it was really good.

I am currently working on Brylee's Christmas wish list. Any suggestions on what are popular toddler toys?

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Monday, November 16, 2015

The GoTo (2-in-1) (+giveaway)

A few weeks ago, there was a knock at the door and a package left for Brylee. She was so excited that  there was a big box just for her, she started hugging it and jumping up and down smiling and saying "yay". I'm pretty sure she thought I meant the actual shipping box was hers and didn't realize that there was actually something in it just for her!
We were finally able to convince her we should open it up so we could check out what came. It was a Phoenix Baby Go-To 2-in-1 high chair/carseat holder. 

The 2-in-1 is a portable high chair and infant carseat holder. It is made of nylon and comes in three colors: black, grey, or orange (we chose orange because "Go Longhorns"!) This product is a game changer if you have little kids. I honestly wish we had discovered them sooner (like when Brylee was in her infant seat because public floors are gross-more on that in a little bit.)

First though, lets take a closer look at the GoTo 2-in-1. The GoTo 2-in-1 is very similar to portable nylon camping chairs. It even comes in a handy dandy carrying case. #bluescluesanyone

This is what it looks like once it is removed from the case. 

The bottoms have a non-slip padding so the chair stays in place once set up (the white peices are just padding that we hadn't removed yet).

Set up is super easy. You just slightly open the nylon-seat part and then push down on the levers (I don't know the technical term for the thing you push down on) until they snap flat into place. 

Once the chair is set up this is what it looks like from the top. It is so easy to use and switch between high chair and carseat holder takes less than one minute. The part on the left is the backrest and the part on the right is the leg hole. 

This buckle is what keeps the back rest up and in place. It is located on the outside of the seat so it doesn't bother the child sitting in the chair.

This is the back piece. I love how they added extra storage for coloring or eating supplies (think camping or picnicking!). Brylee uses it for her toys too. 

This strap has two purposes: in high chair mode it is extra support for the back rest and in carseat holder mode it is the strap that secures the carseat onto the holder. 

Here is the leg hole view. There is a little extra lip beyond where the legs go through for leg support. 

The leg hole is secured with velcro and heavy duty snaps-two per each side!

There's also a buckle to secure Brylee in. 

Here's what makes this so unique (and honestly such a great baby product). It converts into a carseat holder. The back rest and leg spot fold down flat and you are able to secure the infant carseat into place. 

Quick story on why I wish we had this years ago, besides the fact that it would have saved our carseat so many germs... One day a few years ago, we went to dinner at a restaurant and they didn't have a carseat holder (some restaurants have them but they aren't the best and I'm sure are full of so many germs that I don't even want to think about). We ended up putting the carseat on just a chair (because floors are gross) and took Brylee out. I don't know what it is with our carseat but when you have the handle down like in the following picture it doesn't maintain its balance (it probably has something to do with weight ratio) and will it fall over. All. The. Time. Anyway the carseat ended up falling off of the chair and I think all the old ladies sitting at the table next to us almost had a heart attack because they thought Brylee was in it. Thank goodness she wasn't, but it could have all been avoided if we would have had one of these. Oh and FYI since the carseat is secure on this stand, it doesn't matter where the handle is placed because there's no chance of it toppling over!

We honestly use our new GoTo all the time and we haven't even used it outside of our house yet! Since we don't have a big high chair for Brylee (only a portable one that sits on top of a chair) we are always one seat short when we have company over for supper (Dustin usually ends up at the island or with a bar stool that is too tall for the table). Since we have this now, Brylee can still sit at the table with everyone plus we have an extra chair for daddy!

We use our chair for everything. 

From coloring,

To making faces/being goofy,

To eating, 

To even playing games!

 I can only imagine how amazing this well be during our move to Texas. I'm sure we will be stopping often for snacks and picnics on the way down and this will make eating so much easier.

This would make an awesome Christmas gift or baby shower gift for someone who is expecting (or with littles already!) I only wish we had this sooner!

If you like you can read more about the other products this company makes you can here here.

And now its GIVEAWAY time!! Because we all love those!!
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Good Luck!!

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