Friday, April 29, 2016

Fabulous Five on Friday

I have about 20 minutes to sneak this post in so it will still be Friday...

1. We went to Scheel's one day last weekend to pick up some new fishing supplies. Brylee enjoyed looking at all the mounts. She also skipped her nap that day, so that was fun!

2. She applies her chapstick about as well as I apply my makeup...I only kid slightly. 

3. We went to Chuck. E. Cheese's last weekend. Brylee hasn't stopped talking about it. Hopefully she has a great memory because she probably won't be seeing that mouse again any time soon...

4. Since we now live in the land of 10,000 lakes, we are bound to come across one where ever we go. We found one by a not so toddler friendly park, so we decided to check out the musical instruments and ducks instead. Brylee had a lot of fun!

5. Brylee has been counting everything lately, but every single time she forgets seven...

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Spring/Summer Bucket List

Last year I was so excited for all the fun things in Texas we would be able to explore. Since that didn't work out, I needed to do my research as to what Minnesota all had to offer us. Since we are from North Dakota, we would take trips here to visit family and go to the Mall of America but we haven't really explored it before. Since Brylee is getting older (and actually starting to remember things that we do--so fun!) I decided to plan a spring/summer bucket list. I would love to get them all done but I don't know if we will find the time with Dustin's work schedule. 

Here is our bucket list so far:

Go to the Children's Museum
I'm planning on going to the Minnesota Children's Museum and I think Brylee will have a blast! I would also love to check out the new Crayola Experience.

Go to the splash pad:
We have found a few different splash pads around our current town while out running errands. There are two different ones pretty close to where we live that I am sure we will frequent a lot this summer. 

Go to an Amusement Park:
 I would love to take Dustin and Brylee to Valley Fair but we may end up just going to Nickelodeon Universe again and call it a day! I would also love to go to the State Fair (I have never been to one) so maybe we will count that as it. 

Go Camping at Lake Sakakawea:
I lived in North Dakota my entire life and never went to Lake Sakakawea. Dustin has been there a few times before and we have been talking about going there forever. Hopefully this summer will be our lucky one. 

Celebrate Brylee's Birthday:
I pretty much have her birthday planned and she couldn't be more excited to have "Annie and Elsa" there!

Go to the Zoo:
There are a few zoo's we want to hit up this summer. The Como Zoo, The Minnesota Zoo, and Hemker Zoo (Side note about this zoo-it's in a tiny town where my grandma lives and I had NO IDEA there was a zoo there until about three years ago!!)

Go Fishing:
I'm pretty sure Dustin will be trying to get us to do this anytime he's not working!

Go to a Petting Zoo:
I am not sure what one we will go to but I did find this list of petting zoo's in MN. 

Jump in a Rain Puddle:
We need to buy some new rain boots for this one but Brylee loves to jump through any puddle she can find-no matter what shoe's she is wearing!

Go Swimming:
Brylee loves to swim so I have a feeling anytime there is a body of water around she will be in it. 

Make S'mores:
Obviously something that must be done in summer!

Go to a Church Festival:
My grandma's church puts on an amazing Church Bazaar. There is a parade, live bands, beer gardens, yummy food, games, and lots of fun to be had. 

Go on a Riverboat Ride:
They used to have Riverboat Rides on the Red River where I grew up but they quit doing it a few years ago. No that we live by the Mississippi River and they have Riverboats I definitely want to take Brylee on a ride sometime!

Go to Duluth and Explore:
 Neither Dustin or I have been there, but we have heard many great things about it. I mean look at all the fun things to do!

Build a Sand Castle:
Brylee loves to play in the sand so whenever we are near a beach toys will not be to far away. 

Go on an Ice Cream Date:
Heck we may even do Ice Cream for dinner one night!

Go to the Park:
This has happened a few times already and Brylee loved every second of it. 

Go to the Farm:
We are counting down the days until the next family reunion. 

A few I forgot to add:

Go on a Picnic:
I have a perfect picnic blanket and if you know where to find a fun picnic basket let me know!

Go on a Date Night:
I'm not sure if we will make it kid free or not yet;)

Go to the Fair
I would love to hit up the big state fair or any of the tiny county fairs!  We haven't been to one in years. 

Watch Fireworks:
4th of July #obviously

Go to the Farmer's Market:
I am hoping to find some fun ones closer to where we live now. 

We will see how many more we add this spring/summer! What's on your seasonal bucket list?

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

InnoBaby (+giveaway)

A few weeks ago, InnoBaby sent us a few of their products for a collab and giveaway on Instagram. I figured I would do a quick blog post about them to let everyone else know about the giveaway and how much we love these fun products. 

Din Din Smart Divided platter/Smart Drink holder
Brylee loves when she gets a new package in the mail and this was no exception. She couldn't wait to break open her fun new picnic accessories. 

Let's start with the divided plate. The bottom is stainless steel while the top is plastic. They fit together for easy on the go eating/snacking. 

The drink holder is seriously the greatest invention ever. It is adjustable and can fit pretty much any juice box/pouch or water bottle in it. There are handles on the sides so Brylee holds on to those instead of squeezing her juice too tightly-which ultimately ends up in a sticky mess everywhere. 

I need to stick one of these on there!
Brylee and I kept waiting for a warm day so we could have an outdoor picnic but it never showed up so we had one on the living room floor. Brylee didn't mind it at all though.

I threw together a quick lunch: cheese tortilla sandwiches- I used a 3" biscuit cutter to cut out the tortilla and cheese and they fit perfectly in the "wheel wells", Bitsy's Brainfood Crackers, apple slices, and an Oreo. Can you guess what Brylee ate first?!

I just want to point out this amazing product as well. I think I may need to get one!!

And just a few outtakes since Brylee is well Brylee;)
"Take a picture of my hand mommy"

A Drink In My Hand In Summer!

The weather where we live has been CRAZY lately. Last Sunday it was finally warm (about 50 or so), so we decided to wash our car. Brylee helped wash it for about 1.5 seconds before she decided she didn't like the hose and the noise, so Brylee and I went outside to run around roll down the hill and wear off some energy, while Dustin finished washing the car.

Then on Tuesday, Brylee and I needed to get out of the house for a while (aka I needed a frozen coffee-because the ones at home just don't compare!) so we decided to hit up Target. I had to sneak a few pictures in before we left.  I told Brylee to smile because we were going to the store with the puppy (aka Target) and she informed me "no big balls store" (because of the big red balls out front). Also her favorite color is red (I have no idea) so she thinks that the balls are there just for her...Anyway while I was snapping some pictures of her she started throwing out the Longhorn symbol and man she knows how to make us miss Texas...

When we were at Target, first order of business was a stop at Starbucks (I felt like I was cheating on Caribou!!) for a drink for momma and a treat for Brylee. Usually I get Brylee a cake pop but I let her pick out what she wanted this time. She chose a blueberry muffin and it was just enough to keep her in the cart the entire shopping trip! Apparently it was the greatest thing ever because she kept telling me "Thank you mommy" after almost every bite. 

Eventually she realized my drink had whip cream on it and kept sticking her finger in it to sneak some. 


Finally it was time to leave Target and as we walked outside it was SNOWING. Seriously?! It was like 30 degrees and snowing...

After we got home we tried to cheer ourselves up by blowing some bubbles! And isn't her hamper the greatest?!

The rest of the week it was warm and basically shorts weather. We are so ready for summer. 

On a completely separate note-Brylee's birthday party planning is in full swing. We are going with "Frozen" themed this year. Her second birthday recap should be posted soon. Better late then never right?!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Fabulous Five on Friday

All day yesterday I thought it was Wednesday-so looking at my calendar and seeing that it is actually Friday today makes it so much better! #friyay

Here's this weeks Fabulous Five on Friday...

1. The Easter Bunny brought Brylee a fish for Easter. She loves to examine him just like Doc McStuffin's does to her animals. She also named him "Choo Choo Train" which is Bylee's version of "kiss my butt" so yeah...twonagers are very interesting!

2. Target's in the Minneapolis area have teeny tiny shopping carts for little's! Brylee was loving it-until she found a fun exciting toy she wanted to play with and asked me nicely to lift her up and put her in her little cart so she could play with it. Sorry kiddo you're a little to big for that one!

3. I'm currently obsessed with HomeGoods. I bought all these fun things for just over $40. It's probably a good thing that the closest one is like 45 miles away! Oh and every picture I take now Brylee insists on sticking a hand or foot in so she can be part of the picture-if anyone's looking for a hand model, Brylee is your gal!

4. I randomly signed up to test out some of NUK's new sippy cups they came out with. I didn't know I was selected until a package randomly showed up one day. Once I opened it up, I knew Brylee was going to freak out because "George and man in daddy's color (Dustin's favorite color is yellow) hat" was on it. All she noticed was that one of the cups had a red lid (apparently her favorite color) and she didn't even realize George was on the cup. If you are wondering these are pretty nice sippy cups-they don't leak!

5. I have a bunch of fun giveaways coming up that you aren't going to want to miss!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Our Easter

We had a pretty low key Easter this year. On Saturday we went over to my grandma's house to celebrate Easter with my mom's side of the family. Brylee went on a Easter egg hunt and had the best time. She had to wear her bunny ears so she could be a bunny #obviously. The rest of the day was spent eating, catching up and playing games. 

Saturday night the Easter bunny came and brought all kinds of goodies for Brylee. 

After finding her Easter basket that the bunny hid, we decided to decorate our eggs using our new snack stacks-that bunny really knew what we needed;). This was Brylee's first year decorating them and she had a blast. The last time we went to Ikea, I picked up some paint brushes for Brylee and she was able to test them out while painting her eggs. I was also able to try out my new tripod with the camera and I can't believe I never had one before-they are amazing. Now onto photo overload...

We only had one roll away!!

And the finished eggs!

After decorating our eggs, Brylee and to try out her new stickers that that darn bunny brought!!! PS those shorts are seriously the comfiest things ever! I can't wait to get her more!