Thursday, February 26, 2015

Water(Color) Painting

A few weeks ago, while shopping at a Dollar General, I picked up some watercolor paints on clearance. I wasn't sure when we would use them (or how big of a mess Brylee would make) but I figured one day we would need something new and fun to do. Today was that day. Its been super cold outside so we haven't left the house very often. Brylee and I have total cabin fever. So today I decided to let her test out her new paints. She loved it. 

At first I would dip the paint brush into the water for her and then she would dip it into the paint. Then she realized that the water was more fun and wanted to do it all by herself. 

Glitter Bib

Eventually she decided that the water was more fun to paint with and didn't even use the paints or the paint brush. She probably painted a good 20 minutes and I think she had a blast. We will definitely be doing this again!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Winter Rut

I don't know why but January and February are bad blogging months for me. It's probably because there is not a lot to do when its 20 below outside (and I pretty sure that there are only so many fishing type posts that you want to look at). I have a few drafted posts that I have to finish typing from last summer (when Brylee was itty bitty and as tan as can be!) that I will publish soon. Here's a roll of pictures from my phone-sorry they are so grainy. 

It's pretty obvious that we are excited for spring. Tiny feet in baby flip flops is just the cutest thing.
Flip Flops
We went to the mall one day for lunch and let Brylee check out the play land. She loved it. Her two favorite animals right now are "quack" (ducks) and "woof-woof" (puppies). She was on cloud nine seeing those little ducklings. I think she went down the slide about 50 times.

My parents had a tree cut down in their front yard a few weeks ago. Brylee sat in front of the window all afternoon so she could watch the men hard at work. 

This is her "uh-oh" face. Pretty typical when she does something naughty. I think she just got done licking the fan...

We made edible play-doh over at my moms house one night. It was the first time Brylee ever played with play-doh of any sort. The first thing she did was take a big bite of it. My child for sure:)

Our Valentine's Day was pretty low key. We went to the auto parts store and Brylee had to smell every single air freshener. She did not want to leave when we were done shopping.
Moccs (c/o Freshly Picked...Have you seen the new Utah line they just came out with?! I'll take one of each!)
Brylee fell asleep on the living room floor the other night. She would give me a little smile every so often as she was drifting off to dream land. 

Bryce got a Doc Mcstuffins Doctor set for Christmas from my sister. One of her favorite toys. She loves to put the band-aid on as a bracelet and give everyone shots.

We were both pretending that those fruit snacks were money. She loved making it rain.

Brylee loves to watch Clifford Puppy Days on Netflix. But it has to be when he's a puppy not full grown because then it is the end of the world.

Last night we were waving to all the cars driving by. I'm sure seeing a shadow in the window wasn't creepy at all:/

We turned our basement bedroom into the play room/office. As I am typing this Brylee is busy writing her own story. Actually we are listening to music and she has to shake her butt every so often so she can't hold the paper. I'm also pretty sure the doll stroller is not meant for toddlers:)

Here's to hoping I can publish posts more often!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Baby Its Cold Outside. We Miss Summer

How is tomorrow Valentine's Day already? It is supposed to be super cold outside, so I think we will probably just be homebodies.
I was going through some old photos on my camera and came across ones from one of our last trips to the lake last summer. We only have about 1,987,987 more months of winter until summer gets here again. Just when I thought we were in the clear of getting absolutely no snow all winter, a storm blew in and we got about 6 inches. Brylee didn't mind though since she got to play with her sled and help shovel the sidewalk.  
When we first got to the beach, Brylee was a little unsure of everything. She sat at the edge of the water and played in the sand. Eventually she warmed up and slowly worked her way into the water.





 Dustin took Brylee on her first jet-ski ride. She didn't like it. I think only because she despises her life jacket.

I seriously wished I had some baby powder after this (I've actually never tried using it to remove sand but I've heard it works well).

We went fishing as well. Dustin caught the biggest fish. Like always.  
 Brylee decided she needed to fish on her own as well. I'm just glad she didn't throw the rod over the edge of the pontoon.

Have a great Valentine's Day!