Friday, July 25, 2014

Fabulous Five on Friday!

1. Brylee finger painted tonight! Not the best choice to do right before bedtime (hello crabby baby who only wants to eat the paint!) and we may have to do another few coats on top! Watch for a post and finished product in a post to come!

2. We have more pictures on the walls!! I seriously can't believe how much homier- is that even a word?-it makes our house feel! Now I just have to fill the frames up. PS-I spy Brylee:)

3. That Brylee had the best daddy who had a tea party with her with our Tupperware tea party set I finally unpacked!

Nope not a phone sorry baby.
Kinda close:)
There ya go! What a pro!

4. She may have to be a lumberjack for Halloween. Baby loves her Oreos!

5. This weekend we are actually staying home, but I couldn't be more excited. We have so many FUN projects planned I just can't wait! Spoiler alert-we are doing a lot of painting and it isn't our walls!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Brylee 11 Months

Height: 28 1/2 inches long
Weight: 21 pounds

I have better pictures on my camera that I will update these with! Notice the "one" on the bottom picture:)

• You love to ride/drive the 4-wheeler at the lake! Daddy put you one it to show the neighbor how you like to "steer" the handle bars but didn't take you for a ride. You cried for daddy until we finally figured out it was a ride you wanted! Daddy took you for a ride and then you were content! 

•You love to be the captain when we go fishing! You always bring us to the best places where fish are biting! You even know where the throttle is to make us go faster! Definitely a motor head and your daddy is on cloud nine!

•Popcicles are your jam! 

•You love fish! Every time we catch one you stare it down! You love watching how it flips and flops!
•You are going through a nothing on my face/head phase! I was able to snag this super quick before you threw them on the floor!

•Bath time is still a favorite! You even know how we make all those bubbles and try to be sneaky and add more when you think I'm not looking! You also love sticking the letters on the walls!

•You are obsessed with your bumbo chair! 
•You like to help us fish by "jigging" the rod!

•You love going for rides in the stroller grandpa made for your dolls!

•You definitely don't like sleeping during the night while teething, but you have two new pearly whites on top!

•You now cry when daddy goes to work! 

•You love drinking from sippy cups and just recently discovered silverware! We let you use it every meal but you usually hold it in one hand and still just dig in with your other hand.

•You can point out eyes on toys when we ask you where they are (thanks grandma!)

•You can tell us how old you are when we ask you! 

•You can also wave, give high fives, blow kisses, we are working on signing thank you for your birthday-which is the same as blowing kisses in your book but whatever works!, stand by yourself for about 15-20 seconds-so close to walking, you un-Velcro your shoes and try to put them on your feet. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Chalkboard Project

We are FINALLY getting around to hanging pictures in the house! Who knew hanging pictures would be so time consuming! Anyway we have this empty wall at the edge of our kitchen that I knew needed something where we could put our notes/grocery list/menu ideas. 

A few years ago I saw this idea on Pinterest and got totally pumped and made it. Dustin wasn't quite so thrilled (and we never really had anywhere it would fit in to hang before) so it sat in a box until we moved again. Well it doesn't really match our decor (I probably could have just changed out the paper backgrounds) and I wanted something bigger for that wall since we aren't putting anything on the fridge like magnets/lists etc. So I decided I wanted to try a chalk board- since they are all the rage these days.

I would totally link back to Jessica at Little Baby Garvin blog for this project's inspiration but since my computers broken and I don't have those capabilities check out her blog at and thank me later! Seriously how cute are her kiddos?!

Anyway I was racking my brain on how to build one (she built hers out of plywood and trim). We have extra trim and can find extra plywood all over our neighborhood since it's a construction zone but then I saw an old cork board lying in the back of the garage and knew that would suffice! So we taped her up and a-spraying a went! 
Also used the back so the front would still be able to be used as a cork board! 
After I sprayed it the first time we ran some errands and when we came home it was dry so being the giddy school girl I had to try it out....bad idea. It left indentations on the board (I guess the let dry 24 hours directions really does mean something;)). So I gave it another quick coat the next day and viola good as new and works perfect! 

Since we used the back there wasn't any hooks to hang it by, so Dustin being the handy man he is, added some to it so it wouldn't fall down every time we wrote on it!

After we hung it up I rubbed the entire chalkboard with chalk like the paint directions said. 

And then wiped it off.

I love the way it fits on the wall and how it matches our decor now!

Fun fact: I hate the feeling of chalk on my fingers and always told myself if I were a teacher I would want dry erase instead of a chalk board! 

Oh and this little peanut slept not 10, not 12 but almost 14 hours last night! She most know we are heading to the lake tomorrow and she wanted to be rested up!!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Life Lately

Life lately has been pretty uneventful! It seems like all we do lately is go to the lake, not that I'm complaining, get home from the lake-semi unpack-do laundry/dishes/clean-and repack for the lake again. 

Brylee plays in her stroller that her grandpa made her ALL. THE. TIME. She also realized that it is the perfect height to look out the window and play with the blinds. Little stinker!

Brylee's top teeth have finally come through. Breast feeding has been interesting nonetheless let's just say! (Is it just us or do mouth pictures gross other people out too even if it's your own kids?)
Brylee read is some gossip on the way to the lake. 
We get as  much  fishing and jetskiing in as we can! 

Brylee now wants a dog...
Teething sucks! Sometimes extra cuddles are nice even at 3 in the morning!
And since Brylee's turning ONE!!! we have been working on "how old are you Brylee? Are you one?" And holding up one finger so she will do the same. She must be getting sick of this game because now we get this....
Oh yeah my computer broke! Yay me! 

But today we went to the local street fair with vendors from all over. I picked up a few new signs for the house and Brylee got a free balloon! And now the ballon is at the top of our vaulted ceilings! Totally my bad...she loved her balloon.

Brylee also learned a new game...lay my head in ketchup on the restaurant table....this kid I tell you.

Notice her straw. She's obsessed!