Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Remember Us?

Hi there, remember us? We are still alive and kicking-just super busy.  I can't believe its been over a week since my last post-I haven't even opened my computer since last Monday's post. Anyway we have less than one week until we are making our trek down to Texas. We totally don't know what to be thinking right now-so many mixed emotions... The house is about 90% packed and ready to go but  it feels like there is so much more to do. 

We have been super lucky with our weather though-we are definitely NOT having a typical North Dakota winter. The temperatures are above average (like almost 40 degrees-we are used to below zero at this point) and we have almost no snow. It actually snowed about five inches one day last week, we actually built a wannabe snowman-I took pictures for a post but that was as far as I got on that-and its practically all melted already! Totally not normal. We are just glad that its good moving weather. 

 On a completely unrelated note, I was able to wrap a few presents for Brylee!

yay! Tray, Triangle plate, Rectangle Plate, Tegu Blocks
Happy Wednesday Friends! Oh yeah- We are giving away a set of holiday Pick-Ease Picks on Instagram!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Learning Tower + Toddlers in the Kitchen

Brylee loves to help out. She will help me with laundry, picking up her toys, and even dry mopping the floors. The one thing she has never helped me with though is anything in the kitchen. I don't trust her sitting on the island because she likes to move around and if I turn my back on her, I feel she will scoot right off the side. Because of that reason, I have never really offered to let her help me. Then this lovely package showed up on our door step and Brylee's world changed forever. She has honestly used her Learning Tower every single day, since the day we set it up. 

Brylee (more like I) insisted we set it up right away. I bribed Dustin with some cherry pie that Brylee and I would make together once it was set up. He happily obliged. 

"Quality Assurance"-aka making sure the bubbles pop!

All of the pieces arrived fully wrapped in bubble wrap. Brylee's favorite part was popping them. 

We laid out all the pieces to make sure we had everything. We were only missing the felt pads for the bottom so it wouldn't scratch the floor (we called customer service and they mailed us some within the week) but we had some at home we were able to use. 

You don't need power tools to assemble this, it comes with everything you need, but Dustin wanted to get it done faster so he opted to use his power drill. 

Patiently waiting for Daddy to finish assembling her new tower. 
Since Brylee is all about helping whenever tools are present, she got in on the assembling action as well. 

Fun Facts: The tower is made of solid wood and can hold up to 500 pounds. It comes in multiple colors and wood finishes. It is enclosed on all four sides and has four different height adjustments. Little Partners also makes quality solid step stools.

Once the tower was assembled, we let Brylee try it out. The following video was her first time climbing in and out of it. Now, most of the time, she just lays on her belly and pulls herself up and down.

We brought it over to the counter to see if the bottom was the right height for Brylee when she stands on it. It was.  It is super easy to adjust the height-there is a handle that pops up and you can move it up and down. We actually had to drop it down one already because Brylee was testing limits and climbing on to the counter top. 

Then we went on to attaching the easel. I honestly thought that it just hung over the edge of the tower.
 We actually had to remove the side Brylee was holding on to. It actually becomes the side of the tower meaning that it is 100 percent part of the structure. If you buy this right away, I would recommend attaching it while you are setting up your tower. 

When you buy a tower I would recommend buying the easel right away. Brylee has spent more time coloring/doing projects than I think she has ever played with any other toy we have ever bought her.  Since we leave it out all the time, we just leave chalk right on easel lip. She will draw a few pictures, erase them and then start all over. She likes to tell me to "sit mommy" and then she will tell me to "shh". She would make a fine teacher one day. Anyway we will draw shapes, animals, write words, basically anything and everything.
The two holes on the left side of the tower are the steps.

When Brylee gets tired of the chalkboard, we can quickly slide it out and she has a dry erase magnetic board she can play with. The easel comes with two yellow clips so I can clip a piece of paper to it, two cups for water/paint, an eraser, and a set of 26 magnetic letters.

Before bed that night, Brylee and I baked some cookies. Once Brylee organized all of her baking tools, I took the cookies out of the fridge (hey I'm all about easy) and let her go to town. 

Gimme, gimme!

When I was putting her cookies in the oven she quickly stole a piece of cookie dough and tried to eat it before I would notice.

The next morning, we had to paint with water colors.

I have really tried to let Brylee help me more in the kitchen since we have our Learning Tower. One morning I had her help me make pancakes. I mean just look at that smile. She is over the moon with excitement. 

We made Santa and Christmas tree pancakes so we had to add some food coloring to the batter. (I actually just made her a separate mixture that she could mix and add colors to while I was cooking.)

Finished Product!

One night for supper, Brylee and I made grilled cheese. Super easy but something fun for Brylee to help with. 

Where did it go?

Here it is!
Since Brylee stands at the right height she is able to eat at the island as well. 

Just some random candids:

Real life with a toddler.


Brylee has used her learning tower every single day since we set it up. She loves to drive her trucks over and park them under the tower, then she will color and tell them stories. She will also play with smaller toys or color on the counter while I am making meals so she can be right up by me. I may have to get her one of these soon! 

And in case you were wondering this is the pie we I made for Dustin for setting up the tower. Brylee saw the rolling pin and that's all she wanted to play with the rest of the day.

FYI: the learning tower is having a great deal today just for my readers. Save $20 with free shipping (already applied to the site). This would be such an awesome Santa present!

**This is a sponsored post by The Learning Tower. In exchange for my opinion we were  sent a free tower. All opinions are 100% my own.