Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekend Recap

Friday Brylee and I hung out at home while Dustin slept. We didn't do anything too exciting. Brylee helped me unload the dishwasher! She is becoming such a big helper lately. When its time to change her diaper she will grab a diaper out, she helps push the mop around when we are washing the floors and she will help pull the drain up to let the water out of her bath (that one is debatable because she is probably trying to put it back down so her bath doesn't have to end-kid loves her baths!)

 Brylee also painted with water, 

and had a snack with her favorite puppy! Thursday night (after her dance session) I synced it with the computer and uploaded her name into it. Its a little creepy though when the puppy starts singing about its favorite food and decides to name it Brylee just like her....

I did a little blogging and drank (and my two step--sorry had to) some coffee while Brylee took her afternoon nap!

I totally didn't realize that the circus was in town this weekend until the last minute so we decided to go on Saturday since Brylee is really into animals now. I wasn't sure how she would do considering last year she slept through the entire thing...

Brylee loved whenever an animal came out. We sat right next to the exterior doors that they would bring the animals in from the outside so it helped to keep her from getting too antsy during the "people performances".

We were also right next to where they gave the elephant rides. I wanted to take Brylee on a ride since word on the street is they are getting rid of the elephants but I didn't want to drop 10 bucks a person for 3 tiny little circles, so we just watched and waved instead.

The BMX stunts were probably both Dustin and Brylee's favorite part. I missed the entire thing because I was too busy watching the smile on Brylee's (and Dustin's) face. She would go "OHHH" and point at it. 

That night when we got home she had to tell her "puppy" all about the animals she saw. It was the cutest thing ever. Five minutes after this picture she was sawing logs. 

When we woke up late on Sunday morning, so we had to quickly get ready for Church otherwise we would have been late.  I totally forgot it was Palm Sunday and didn't realize that this would be the Mass that the entire parish would be at so we ended up sitting in the back. We try to sit in the front so Brylee can see what's going on and doesn't get restless. She was super clingy during Church (more than normal) but we just chalked it up to being tired.

After Church we went out to Brunch at Perkins and Brylee wasn't interested in eating anything she just wanted to play with the creamer bottles. I just chalked it up to a phase of not wanting to eat much. 

After brunch we ran some errands and saw this blowup doll buckled into someones Porsche-makeup and all-and just had to take a picture. Obviously not something you see everyday. 

As we were running errands we noticed that Brylee was starting to feel a little warm so we went home, gave her some Tylenol and she took a nap on our bed. She woke up like a new person. She got a second wind and was ready to play. I think she's getting some molars and canines. 

It supposed to be in the 50's and 60's all week (even breaking 70 one day). I'm ready for some nicer weather again.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Oleo Miracle Treatment Influenster Review

I was sent the Dessange Paris Oleo Miracle Collection to review by Influenster (click the link to become an Influenster of your own, you don't need to be a blogger either). 

Dessange Paris introduces Oleo Miracle Collection, a hair care line infused with nutrients from nature's most precious oils. Bolstering delicious notes of orange, gardenia petals and sandalwood, the repairative collection works to help transform hair suffering from thermal, chemical, and environmental damage for a visibly softer, healthier look. Offering intense nourishment, the formulas are infused with three key natural oils: Argon Oil, Camelia Oil and Pracaxi Oil, leaving hair smooth, bouncy and manageable. 

I have naturally curly hair that is thin and gets greasy if I don't wash it everyday. I honestly never style it because 1. products make my hair extra greasy 2. I don't really know what to do with my hair besides put it in a pony tail and 3. We lost our hair dryer when we moved  (a year ago:/) and I didn't replace it until I received this VoxBox in the mail. #dontjudge

After using these products, I am sold. I have noticed a difference

"Our first shampoo infused with micro-drops of precious oils, the lightweight formula offers supreme nourishment to hair without weighing it down."

This shampoo really is "light". I noticed the first time that I washed my hair with it that a little bit truly went a long way. it was really light and air and didn't weigh my hair down. I also noticed that my hair was barely tangled after washing it. (Usually I need conditioner to get the tangles out.)

"The second step to the Oleo Miracle ritual, this shine-boosting conditioner repairs the external layer of the hair's fiber for healthier, restored strands."

I noticed after using this a few days that my hair stopped shedding as much. The conditioner is light and doesn't weigh hair down. 

"With just a few drops, this leave-in treatment nourishes dry, damaged hair without leaving a greasy residue."

This is so true. At first I was skeptical of putting an oil in my hair because oils are usually greasy.  I applied this to my damp hair before I blew dried it. My hair did not feel greasy at all.  I was actually impressed. Just a few drops really does go a long way. 

The first day I used these products I straightened my hair after blow drying it. Even on a windy day it helped my hair keep its "straightness". The next day I put it in a pony tail with wet hair. My hair was hardly greasy the next morning. The third day of using this I just blew dried my hair with a round brush. My hair was pretty much straight and I didn't even use a straightener (that has never happened before).

The next picture is after two weeks of using the shampoo/conditioner/oil drops. You can definitely see a difference! Keep in mind I need a hair cut (the last one I had was right after Brylee was born 19 months ago!) and I usually just throw it up wet in a pony tail so it is VERY damaged with a bunch of split ends!

If you are in the market for a new hair product I would definitely recommend giving this a try. It smells great and it really does work. #jadoredessange

Friday, March 27, 2015

Fabulous Five on Friday

1. We bought this carseat for Brylee. We absolutely love it. So worth the money because we can use it through all stages (even a backless booster seat). If using this as a rear facing seat like we are this is a MUST have item. We gained an extra 6 inches between the back of Brylee's carseat and the front seat. It only took us 6 months to discover the angle adjuster but we are so glad that we did! Brylee also sits straight up now instead of reclined so she can see out of the window better (and she still manages to fall asleep so the chair is obviously comfortable!)

2. Brylee was playing with my makeup remover a few days ago. She noticed the bubbles inside of it and came over to me asking to blow bubbles. I told her it was too cold outside (its snowing again, seriously its spring now...winter you can go home anytime!) so she went upstairs into her bathroom and pointed to the tub for a bubble bath. Smart kid!

3. Since winter has decided to show its face around here again we have been busy playing with all of our toys in the basement. Brylee's newest obsession is to wrap things up inside blankets, including her dolls and her favorite balls. She loves looking through books and making different animal noises.

Shirt (similar)/Leggings

Ugh, Really mom enough with the pictures!

4. Tomorrow there is an Easter egg hunt at a local mall. We are thinking about taking Brylee. Hopefully she will get into it.

5. Dustin and I finally got new phones! Now I can finally take videos again because my phone will have some memory. Now if only I can figure out how to add my photo stream back on...

Thursday, March 26, 2015

First Year Handprint Project

When Brylee was a newborn (oh so long ago) my mom brought over four blank white canvas's and black paint. (You could choose whatever colors best match your house/nursery). We did a quarterly (newborn, 4 months, 8 months, and 12 months) handprint and foot print of Brylee. I think monthly ones would be fun as well. 
 This is definitely a two person job. We used a paint brush to brush the paint on to her hand/foot and wiped it off as soon as the print was done. I would recommend doing the hand first because it's the hardest to do. Brylee would keep her hand in a fist and then move her fingers around. Make sure to push the hand as flat as you can and roll the fingers back and forth slightly to make sure you get all the little lines of their fingerprints.

4 months
8 months
12 months

My mom mod podged a picture to a canvas for a wall in her house and this one was her trial run one. I figured it would work perfect with these prints even though it's not perfect. I'm not sure what tutorial she used but I'm sure she got it off of Pinterest.

I hung the the finished products up on Brylee's bedroom wall.