Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Brylee's Birthday

Today is Brylee's birthday! I honestly don't know where the last year went! Fastest 365 days EVER!!

Last night I layed Brylee down a baby and today she woke up a TODDLER! 

She must have known it was her birthday because she woke up ready to party, fist pumping and all!

We had a few last minute errands to run this morning when Dustin got home from work. Brylee's new favorite song?- It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!

Nothing would console her. She just wanted OUT of her car seat! So we headed to an early lunch. 
We went to Perkins and told the waitress it was her first birthday today and she came back with a free muffin!! What's better than chocolate on your birthday at 11am?! 

 We had to sneak it away when she was people watching so she wouldn't fill up on just that.

She then ate two tomatoes, some pickes, chicken and hamburger!

When we arrived home, Brylee took a nap and I threw some sloppy joes in the crock pot for supper (3 lbs hamburger uncooked and 2 jars Manwich, cooked on high for about 6 hours) and cleaned up a bit because both my parents and Dustin's parents were coming over. 

After Brylee woke up we played for a few hours until Dustin woke up and all the grandparents arrived.

Because who needs a purse when you can have 5 headbands?! She would lift her arms up to adjust them backup her arm! So cute!

And because who doesn't love confetti on their birthday?!

After everyone arrived we ate dinner. 

And then it was time for the cake! Brylee was not shy and went straight for the frosting!

We gave her a slice all to herself and she could hardly contain herself!

After a quick bath 
she opened a few presents before Dustin headed to work. 

All-in-all it was a great first birthday! Labor Day weekend we have her big party with all our friends and family! Bring on the sugar;)- It took her a few hours to wear off today's cake!


Let's go back shall we? After almost 16 hours of labor and a c-section later you entered this world perfect in every way!

I still can't believe you have been ours for a whole year. We have enjoyed every second of it!

We love you baby girl! 
Sad to think she's technically not a baby anymore but a toddler:(